I was in Finland and Norway recently and felt that both countries resonate with my Brow or Third Eye Chakra.  My conjecture is the Scandinavian people are likely to highly intuitive and creative.


In China, I had the same sensing that the place especially in Tibet vibrated my upper chakra between my Third Eye and Crown.  Tibet has all along been a seat of high spirituality,  and it is no surprise collectively it exudes the traits that concentrate on the Third Eye and Crown chakras.  As a country,  my sensing shows me that the prominent vibration seems to be between the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is interpreted as Chinese throughout its history of 5000 years have been compassionate people though they have room to accommodate the mental energy of the solar plexus chakra to develop the country and strives towards excellence in science,  engineering, and economics while retaining its culture of creativity in arts and spirituality.


I traced back my memory bank to the time I was in America and remember it stirred my Solar Plexus, likely to indicate that it is operating predominantly at the Mental Plane, (My own country Singapore to has vibrations close to the Solar Plexus Chakra).  Especially,  in the USA,  it has been generally described as a country with people that the mind rules over compassion,  meaning the mental components take precedence.  And,  that is one end result that the country produces individuals who won Nobel prizes,  top NASA scientists, and computer engineers.


There were some countries I had been to that had their vibrations stuck at the lower sacral and base chakra, Indonesia is one of them. Now, I am not sure whether it is the geographical differences or the people and their culture (or a combination of both at varying proportions) that causes the variation in the energy vibration.  These are unfortunately backward countries and collectively the primeval energy vibration still lingers on.

Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body


Bija mantras are one-syllable seed sounds that, when said aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify & balance the mind & body.  I have discovered that it could be used to synchronize these seed mantras of the chakras and manipulate the subtle energy fields.

Using the Bija mantras,  we could activate their corresponding chakras.  We start with the Root Chakra which is resonated by the Bija Mantra LAM.  As you vocalize the LAM mantra,  you cup your palm on the Root Chakra and as you chant the mantra LAM you try to feel the vibration on it through your palm.  Chant as many times as possible until you positively feel the vibration on your chakra with your palm.

Next,  you follow up with the Sacral Chakra,  place your palm there,  chant the Bija mantra VAM, and feel the vibration.   In ascending order,  you progress to the next upper chakras – Solar Plexus with RAM,  Heart Chakra with YAM,  Throat chakra with HAM,  Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra with OM.   The Crown Chakra and the Throat Chakra seem to give off the most pronounced vibrational feeling.

After you have repeated the exercise a few times,  you can chant the Bija mantras and feel the vibration of their corresponding chakras without using the palm.  This method of training would enable you to sense your own chakra.  As you progress further,  you could also feel out the chakras of another person near to you.

I include a YouTube video on the chanting of the Bija mantras.

On Spirituality With or Without the Guidance of Religions.

I am always fond of reminding myself of the energy dimensions.

In a nutshell, Buddha tried to teach awareness so that we could be aware that physical life is transient, and we need to train ourselves to be conscious of the energy dimensions, beyond our physical world, access them, and ultimately attain oneness with the highest order of energy dimension. You can call it Buddhahood, heaven or God realm, whatever you like. For those followers who could not attain awareness leading to enlightenment on their own accord, Buddha also encapsulated his teaching into doctrines – comprising the sutras and mantras, to help them on their path.

Other religions discourage you from self-discovery and promise to alleviate you to heaven with a barrage of their doctrines of what and what-to-do and what not a to-do list.

People have the choice to pursue their own spirituality or leave it in the safe hands of religions to help them achieve that goal.

Or, for me, it could be the hybrid – while striving to develop my spirituality I do not rule out the benefits offered by other religions to guide me along my way. They are not mutually exclusive.


By Anthony Leong

Novice Guide To Reading Aura


The ability to read aura with Third Eyes has been much discussed among the spiritual communities.  Many believe that one can attain the level of seeing aura with multicolors superimposed on their physical bodies,  just like those that are captured on Kirlian photography.  I shall now summarise my years of experience in reading aura,  tailoring it especially for those who are at the beginner’s level and struggling to develop this ability.

Guidelines In learning To Read Aura:

(1) To prepare yourself to see an aura,  first try to close your eyes, take a deep breath and say “Ah…. ” as you expel the air until you are out of breath. You should feel the energy coming from below your stomach (Dan Tian Acupuncture Point/sacral chakra) passing out through your throat.  The vocalization of the “Ahh” will vibrate a point on the upper throat where the pituitary gland is said to be resting on the tip of the spinal chord there.  Repeat that three times; at first, you may feel giddy but after some practice, you should do it well. After doing three sets of the “Ah ” exercise, you should be in the Alpha state of mind (brain cycle between 7 – 13.5 cycle per second), and you should be able to see some semblance of the aura.

tree aura_by_Th0rNe

(2) When you are free, relax and look at trees, concentrating on their outlines. After some time you can see the misty substance in whitish green colour around the trees. Trees also have a similar system of aura as human beings.

vitality grobules

(3)When you look up into the air on a bright sunny day, you may be able to see sparkling light orbs floating around. These are actually prana, or orgone or what we normally called vitality globules.

kirian aura    sense-human-aura

(4) Do not be disappointed if you cannot see colours; I suppose very few can claim they can see the full range of colours in aura like what you see from photographs taken with Kirlian machines.  You may try stretching out your hands and look for some bluish grey outlines around your fingers to initiate yourself into reading the aura.   When you are more competent in deploying your Third Eyes to read the aura, you should see some resemblance of faint and pastel colours – mostly dirty yellowish in not-so-healthy people, faint bluish colour in spiritual people or greyish in people who either suffer from more serious illness or harboring some evil elements. (darker grey almost black).  I once saw a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment with an aura in sticky mustard green colour.  I also came across another person with the Mediterranean disease with a black aura around him.   

(5) It is more important to look at the texture of the aura and learn how to read them. People of the stronger constitution have more pronounced and expanded aura while weaker people conversely having smaller and weaker auras. Besides, healthy people should have an evenly distributed aura with the more refined types having velvet kind of appearance.  Those not-so-healthy people may have unevenly distributed aura with some portions denser and some not so dense.  The crown chakra is normally seen as a luminous V shape above a person’s head,  and its size can indicate whether the person has a strong or weak aura and his level of spirituality.     

(6) When you want to see an aura, try not to look directly at the object. Use the sideward glance or look beyond the objects. The ability to see aura has something to do with the structure of the eyes – the rods and the cones – which are optical cells; it is somewhat similar to the functions of the eyes that adjust itself and help you to see clearer in darkness.  The best environment to see aura is in semi-darkness under sodium lights. It is more difficult to see auras under bright sun lights.

(7) I suppose you like crystals. Constantly wear an amethyst ring or pendant. Has it beamed at the third eye, or the brow chakra, approximately behind the spot between your two eyebrows? This should help activate your third eye chakra a bit further. Some say wearing moldavite also helps but I am afraid the stone is too overpowering and may upset you. Another use of crystal is that it protects you against being contaminated by negative auras.

(8) If you want to look at auras you must be prepared for the risk that you may be affected by the other person’s unhealthy or negative vibrations transmitted to you by the process of sympathetic resonance, especially when you are weak and not so well. This would happen because you have to focus on the person’s aura with intent, partially using your eyesight and thoughts, and thereby attracting the other person’s energy towards you.

(9)  Besides the ability to see an aura,  the Third Eye to me has another important function.   It seems to be both projecting and receiving.  I use it like a radar of bats, scanning for vibrations. When I look at photographs, I use this chakra to scan for vibrations;  I am conversant in picking up both positive and negative energies from these photographs.   I have taught others to look at a stone with this chakra and feel which part of the body the stone vibrates them. In this way, we are able to differentiate what are these stones according to which of our chakras they vibrate, such as: if it vibrates our solar plexus, it is a yellow stone – citrine, yellow topaz or etc. 


By Anthony Leong




White Cloud Healing Method


Businessman Thinking About White Cloud Stock Photo - Image of decision,  concrete: 72876686

There is indeed a visualization method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the suction ability to extract them. If the cleansing is properly done, you should feel blockages in your body being removed, and physically you should feel the biting sensations around the more sensitive parts of your face and your arms and fingers as the impurities are being siphoned off.


When the cloud has done its job of cleansing, it should become heavy and grey instead of shining white. What then should we do to end the visualization and clear away the saturated cloud? You can visualize the bright sun shining on the grey cloud and melting it away.

Also, allow the imagery rays of the golden sunlight to bask you for a while after clearing away the grey cloud. They serve the purpose of not only rejuvenating and replenishing you but also mend whatever auric holes or indentations resulted from the blockages being removed.


For those who are yet uninitiated in the nuances of energy healing, you still can attempt to imagine a white cloud above your head, and mentally will it to heal you. If the method works, you would feel pricking sensations on your body.


When you are more proficient in working with the cloud method, you can also use it to cleanse other people by willing it above their heads. Or, if you are more ambitious, you can project it many sizes larger than a house to clean it.


Can also use it as an object of focus during meditation while it serves the purpose of purifying your body.



Anthony Leong

Random Thoughts On Meditation

Conventional meditation advocates the stilling of the mind by focusing on a single thought to displace the multiple mental distractions.  The use of foci includes breathing control, chanting a mantra, or counting of beads in a rosary.  It is the use of a single thought to keep away a thousand thoughts.


Another form of meditation is to let the mind runs wild with the multiple thoughts unrestrained.  The meditator just sits back, becomes unattached to those wanton thoughts as if he is as detached as watching a movie. 


I remember the famous story about a monk who could not sit still and meditate.  He spends most of his time wandering the streets, looking at people and whatever the happenings before his eyes.  Surprisingly, he attains a  higher level in meditation and gains awareness ahead of his cohort of monks who assiduously sit still and meditate the whole day. 


There is one form of meditation that I also practice.  I go for a walk in the park, cast my senses outward to enjoy the whispering of the wind, the rustling of fallen leaves, the fragrance of the flowers, and the smell of the earth.  It is as if I lose myself amid experiencing the sensation of the surrounding. 


That reminds me of another story.  An American white gentleman brought his native Indian friend into New York City.  Amidst the chattering crowd, and the heavy traffic movements, the Indian surprised his friend telling him he could hear a cricket sound from a roadside shrub.  This is a high level of awareness of the trained mind.



By Anthony Leong

Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

I revisit some of my older practice and gain new insight into understanding their basics, and discovering innovative ways of improving upon them.

For example, I have long acquired the skill set of how to sense out the subtle energy fields that are connected to the chakra. Recently, I have discovered that I could manipulate my subtle energy field, the Ketheric connected to my Crown Chakra to neutralize energy blockage and pains in my body.

The energy vibration of the Ketheric is of the highest order among all the lower subtle energy fields and their corresponding chakra. I first concentrate my attention on the Crown Chakra and scan its outlaying subtle energy field. Simultaneously, I shift my attention to those part of my body, say my stomach, that needs healing. And, I next focus my mind as if to “dissolve” the affected parts and the associating pains or discomfort with the Ketheric energy field linked to my Crown Chakra. I have successfully deployed it to subdue those pains and aches; it holds great promise at healing more serious diseases and illnesses. I just need to practice harder to perfect the skillset.

In similar vein,  I could tap on the other subtle energy fields to try out the different modes of healing.  For example,  I tap on the Etheric Template energy field that is connected to my Throat Chakra to try alleviate throat and respiratory problems.  I have also tried out connecting with the Astral energy field linked to my Heart Chakra for general cleansing purpose. 


And, I have tried applying the healing technique to another person in my proximity. There is no physical contact as I just marshal my thoughts, concentrate on the person’s subtle energy field and his problematic area to perform the healing. Remote healing is also highly possible using this method.


By Anthony Leong


Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest

There have been instances where I muster the power of my thoughts to perform manifestation. The objects of the thoughts need not be of a grander scale. The examples I am citing below may appear trivial and insignificant but their eventual materialization is no doubt amazing.



Just yesterday, I was desperately looking for a small pin to open the SIM card slot in my mobile phone. I frantically search high and low for it, prying into all the hidden corners in my house but could not locate the tiny object. Finally, the metallic pin from out of nowhere mystically appeared on my kitchen basin.



There was yet another occasion when I recovered long lost item – a 0.5-carat diamond that fell off from my much-treasured onyx gold ring while I was doing renovation work in a kitchen of my former house. I was desperately thinking and looking for it, and sometime later I eventually found the tiny diamond in a vinyl pipe which I was about to discard away.



Previously, for many years I was yearning to own a house on a higher floor and kept on thinking about it. For a long time, I was day dreaming of an opportunity to practice meditation high up on some mountains I was prepared for a trade-off if I could live in my own flat on the higher floor with cleaner air and an unobstructed view of greenery and the sea. One day opportunity came knocking when an ex-colleague of my wife chanced upon her and inform her of her intention to sell her flat. Coincidentally, her flat was located on the 15th floor in our neighborhood estate directly facing the Johor Straits. And, it brought about an added bonus of the unit being conveniently located in the same block and one floor below where my younger son and his family were living.




In the past, there were numerous occasions when I yearned to own dream cars, and the thoughts were rewarded one way or rather. For example, 20 years ago I dreamed of driving a Mercedes Bentz, and eventually I took over ownership of a Mercedes 280 old model unexpectedly from my younger brother.




The power of our thoughts cannot be underestimated. Years of meditation and indulgence in energy vibration practice could be the keys to my ability to manifest some of my personal desire. But, tried as hard as I could, I did not have much luck hitting the jackpot in lottery games.


By Anthony Leong

Synchronicity In A Psychic Reading And Lucid Dreaming

I append below an old email between myself and a psychic friend Star that touched on her psychic reading and my astral dreaming. Star had through many years of hard work managed to access the “Hall of Records” to tap into our past lives. In this instance, as she was working on her reading for me, I was having a lucid dream which surprisingly coincided in the contents of the reading and my dreamscape, as if there is a miraculous synchronicity at play.


—– Original Message —–

From: Anthony Leong

To: vicsstars@hotmail.com

Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 =:50 PM

Subject: Re: Past Life reading

Hello Vic

Thanks for the reading, and I should be the one to be apologetic for imposing on you at the time you were most = busied.  Exactly, I wanted to tell you to take your time.

Glad that the healing advice helped, colour energy healing is very effective.  If you are keen I can discuss more about it later.

On your reading about my past life, I had recurring dream for the past few nights similar to your reading.  I was some warrior defending my village against the marauders – cavalry bowmen.  The = landscape was desert-like, and the sun was blazing in the background.  In another dream, I thought I saw my son perished in flames during the attacks. In that dream, instead of using bow and arrows, I used  a lance that had a brush at its end.   I have been thinking that in my past lives, most of the incarnations I was a warrior, in a Red Indian tribal setting,  or in Persia and in China.   Somehow, I feel that as you were tapping into my astral dimension for my past life, I was at the same time reviewing mine in the astral dream state simultaneously.

And,  about my this life,  I have told  by my spiritual friends that I would become a teacher,  rather than a healer and a reader.  So, your reading is accurate.   Strangers also walked up to me in foreign countries and told me things that surprised me.

When your turn comes to run NAH, you can be assured of my full support.   As I have mentioned to you, I am building up my own MSN group to cater to =people from the South East Asian regions.  Maybe, as you have predicted that this is a sort of launching pad to prepare me for the coming teaching career.

Warmest Regards


Smudging with Incense.



In this article, I am going to talk about smudging – the traditional smudging for cleansing and purifying.

My practice – I walk around the house with the burning a type of incense called Kemenyan in a clockwise direction, stopping at every corner and chant the six syllabus mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum three times. To keep negative Yin energy to the minimum, at times I also burn Kemenyan in my toilets, kitchen, and storeroom. The Westerners are fond of using sage as incense.


Kemenyan is a type of benzoin resin or styrax resin, which is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax. These kemenyan incense cups are suitable as offerings to appease local spirits, mountain spirits, and landlords of buildings. Therefore, they are best being burnt in the exterior such as the garden, the back, the side, and the front of your house to bring protection and remove blockages.


The aromatic smell from kemenyan will instantly turn your premises or garden into a cheerful and happy sanctuary. This is a must especially if your house or your neighbors’ are doing renovation with a lot of banging, which usually brings health and financial problems. Or when the occupants of the house suddenly suffer from emotional havoc, illnesses, mishap, and accidents, you can burn them in the evening hours (after 5pm) around the exterior of your house, 1-2 pieces at each sector.


When one feels that your sales and business are slow, you can burn these kemenyan cups at the exterior of your shop lot. Note: The kemenyan incense is not suitable as “yang” offerings to Buddhas and Deities of a higher realm. The kemenyan is more suitable to share your kindness and appease the beings from the “yin world”, which is a common practice among the Buddhists, Taoists, and Hindus.


These incense cups can burn in empty flower pots or in any pottery. Incense can be used to appease roaming spirits. Place this sweet-smelling incense on your incense burner and walk clockwise around each room and outside your home chanting the following mantra: “Namah sarva tathagatha avalokite om sambhara sambhara hung, “


After completing the walk-about your home, dedicate all the incense smells to the spiritual protectors, landlords, wandering spirits, and ancestral ghosts around you and request that they look after you instead of harm you.

(Reference: https://www.facebook.com/…/kemenyan…/2204500206444655/)


Anthony Leong