White Cloud Healing Method

WHITE CLOUD HEALING METHOD There is indeed a visualisation method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the suction ability to extract them. If the cleansing is properly done, … Continue reading White Cloud Healing Method

Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

I revisit some of my older practice and gain new insight into understanding their basics, and discovering innovative ways of improving upon them. For example, I have long acquired the skill set of how to sense out the subtle energy fields that are connected to the chakra. Recently, I have discovered that I could manipulate … Continue reading Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest

There have been instances where I muster the power of my thoughts to perform manifestation. The objects of the thoughts need not be of a grandeur scale. The examples I am citing below may appear trivial and insignificant but their eventual materialization are no doubt amazing. Just yesterday, I was desperately looking for a small … Continue reading Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest

Synchronicity In A Psychic Reading And Lucid Dreaming

I append below an old email between myself and a psychic friend Star that touched on her psychic reading and my astral dreaming. Star had through many years of hard work managed to access the "Hall of Records" to tap into our past lives. In this instance, as she was working on her reading for … Continue reading Synchronicity In A Psychic Reading And Lucid Dreaming

Metaphysical Use of Humidifier

In my previous articles, I wrote about https://psychictavern.com/.../my-experience-with-stone.../..I am relating the use of the elixir to a modern-day gadget called the humidifier. Humidifier is supposed to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, … Continue reading Metaphysical Use of Humidifier

My home-made Tektite magic Wand

Wand of 10 inches My homemade magic wand comprising a Herkimer double termination quartz, at the tip, a copper rod and a raw piece of tektite at the base. The Herkimer trouble termination quartz has powerful and highly refined vibration most suitable for thought manifestation. The tektite gallbladder formation at the base provides strong grounding … Continue reading My home-made Tektite magic Wand