Waiting For A Master

It is always good to have the guidance of a Master, who may also be your mentor at the same time. But, my advice is not to let this self-imposed requirement delay you in your quest for spiritual development any further.  In the meantime, there are so much resources in this blog and people to whom you … Continue reading Waiting For A Master

Karma And Law of Gravity

Energy has different vibrations which scientifically are referred to as wavelengths and frequencies.   Base energy has more dense and lower vibration (longer wavelengths and lower frequencies), and they always sink to the bottom of the energy spectrum. While good karma will bring about more refine energy,  vice versus bad karmic deeds will cause the energy … Continue reading Karma And Law of Gravity

What is Magic?

The word Magic has captivated people for centuries and being revered as miraculous and mysterious. I suppose Magic has been often been construed in the context that one must belong to some respectable and traditional institutions, or groups to be called a practitioner of magic.  Schools, Sects, and Religions organizations have been formed and perpetuated, each … Continue reading What is Magic?

My Spiritual Pathway

The beginning of incarnation of spiritual beings trapped in physical bodies has its origin in some Buddhist texts.  There is even something mentioned in some ancient scriptures about alien beings with energy bodies that got themselves entangled in flesh and blood human forms as they developed material cravings on earth. So for successive lives, we have … Continue reading My Spiritual Pathway

Difference Between Being Psychic And Spiritual

In my opinion,  there is a difference between being psychic and spiritual.   A psychic has extraordinary abilities in clairvoyance, clairaudience,  mediumship, and divination.  But that does not necessarily make him more spiritual. On the other hand, a truly spiritual person may or not have that  much psychic abilities.  He is one who is aware of … Continue reading Difference Between Being Psychic And Spiritual