My Poem – Meditate On A Fiery Death

As you sleep you dream, A tree so withered you imagine, Set against the blazing sun, A desert devoid of living beings. From the barren ground beneath, From  the core of earth far deep, A burning fury rises fast, Your roots and trunk it engulfs. You die a fiery death. The flames from the molten depth. Reducing everything … Continue reading My Poem – Meditate On A Fiery Death

Talking about Viewing Public Opinions With An Investigative Mind

Quote Viewing Public Opinions With An Investigative Mind Some years ago, my friend Jason who owned a fish ball manufacturing company fell prey to adverse publicity generated by newspaper and eventually lost his business and became bankrupt. Such is the power of the print (not pen). The saga began when he leased out part of … Continue reading Talking about Viewing Public Opinions With An Investigative Mind

Public Relations And Spirituality

I recall sometime ago reading an article in which the writer detailed the gross abuses of the public relations mechanisms by both the State and the commercial organizations.  In my many years of previous working experience, first as a journalist and later as a civil servant intimately involved institutional information programs, I have learned to tolerate public relations … Continue reading Public Relations And Spirituality

Haunting At Security Work Sites

There have been numerous stories on haunting at workplaces. By nature of their work, security guards and the night "jagas"  (local jargon for watchmen) seem to be the profession with the more frequent records of unnatural sightings. There were previously two sites which were said to be haunted - a  warehouse in Upper Thomson and the … Continue reading Haunting At Security Work Sites

Use Of Stones To Promote Good Feng Shui In Your House

(1) Hang a quartz on top of each door if you have two doors face to face with one another. The occupants in the rooms with door facing each other would end up having a quarrelsome relationship. In Chinese, door is symbolized by the pictorial character of a mouth, and when two doors are opposite … Continue reading Use Of Stones To Promote Good Feng Shui In Your House

On Religious Tolerance

In my spiritual development, I practice more a combination of Confucianism,  Buddhism, Taoism and also Hinduism.   I value Confucianism for guiding me with its much advocated value system - loyalty, reciprocity, wisdom, courage, righteousness, filial piety and faithfulness,  Buddhism with its methodical approach to meditation,  to the life philosophy of impermanence,   its karmic influence of cause … Continue reading On Religious Tolerance