Police X Files In Real Life

Introduction There is a fair share of real-life paranormal stories encountered in the course of day-to-day police work.  Most of them have not been officially documented but nevertheless have been circulated among the police personnel through words of mouth. A Psychic Kid A close friend of mine:  an ex-CID police officer in the Hong Kong Police,  … Continue reading Police X Files In Real Life

Exercising Your Dan Tian To Improve Your Singing

 Sometime ago,  I chanced upon a singing instructor who taught me how to use my Hara sub-chakra to improve my singing.   The sub-chakra,  which is called DianTien in the Chinese acupuncture system,  is located about two fingers below our navel.  (It is also known as our Sacral Chakra).  It is also a point of … Continue reading Exercising Your Dan Tian To Improve Your Singing

Benefits of Playing Computer Games

I totally agree that there is more to playing games than meets the eye. Personally,  I feel that for psychic practitioners who work with defensive and offensive energy magic,  computer RPG games can be one unconventional form of training for us to role-play about fighting monsters with magic because in real life we do not … Continue reading Benefits of Playing Computer Games