Walking Meditation

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This is one simple form of meditation I would wish to recommend, especially for those who wish to improve their grounding and connect to Mother Earth.
The simple exercise begins by putting your best (left) foot forward.  Imagine that you leave behind a foot step – better to color your footsteps red though some more ambitious individuals would imagine golden or silver.  So, as you walk you visualize that you are like a Qigong exponent imprinting footsteps on the ground with your inner Qigong power.  Hear your footsteps as well.
The whole idea behind is to train your mind to focus on the feet, and by doing so you are sending energy there.  This is in line with the Chinese Qigong/TCM principle that the mind leads the flow of energy in our body.
Practiced over long period, the walking meditation exercise would  help open up/activate  one of your body’s important “feeder systems” – sole  minor chakras (Yoong Quan acupuncture points), through which we are suppose to discharge energy waste as well as receiving the replenishment of clean energy from the ground.  Those with illnesses associating with their legs would also find relief in this method.
Those who are suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments would also benefit from this simple walking exercise since it helps them to replace their whatever energy toxics caused by prolonged exposure to radioactive treatment  with the positive nourishing energy from the ground.

Golfers who do a lot of walking during their golfing sessions should find this exercise useful because it improves not only their overall health but also their sense of balance and concentration power when they swing their club and hit the ball forward.Now the reason why you start with the left foot:


(1) Chinese believe that the left is Yang so it is auspicious to start with the Yang foot. In fact, it is said that if you wish to have a successful day, you step down from you bed with your left foot first, and when you leave your house for work you also put your left foot out when you step out of the door.
(2) According to old Egyptian folklore, the left is in alignment with your heart which is the seat of spiritual power. So you start off with your left foot first.
By Anthony Leong

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