The Wonderful Cleansing Bowl

Crystal Cleansing Bowl I have been using this 15 ” cleansing or singing bowl made of “reconstituted”  quartz; it is a powerful cleanser of quartz and stones, or for that matter any physical objects. It removes all residual negative or foreign energy from the objects and re-charges them with a higher vibration. After the treatment, … Continue reading The Wonderful Cleansing Bowl

Use Of Stones and Crystals To Promote Good Feng Shui

(1) Hang a quartz on top of each door if you have two doors face to face with one another. The occupants in the rooms with the door facing each other would end up having a quarrelsome relationship. In Chinese, a door is symbolized by the pictorial character of a mouth, and when two doors … Continue reading Use Of Stones and Crystals To Promote Good Feng Shui

How Psychic Energy Works – My Thoughts.

Around 3000 years ago, two great ancient civilizations – Indian and Chinese, developed their separate understanding of human energy. The Hindu explored the chakra system and its connection with Prana, while the Chinese discovered the existence of Qi and its relation to the body’s meridian systems and acupuncture points.  Both cultures, separated by the formidable … Continue reading How Psychic Energy Works – My Thoughts.