A true balancer of emotions, it specifically synchronizes with moon-based cycles (menstrual and biorhythm).    The feminine moonstone is especially good for women with problem-related to fertility and childbirth.  It has been used to alleviate fibroid cysts,  irregular menstruation and water retention problem.  Moonstone is said to be helpful in reducing weight.   For those practicing … Continue reading MOONSTONE


  Introduction In this article,  I am going to introduce a much-talk-about meteorite Moldavite, which is definitely an awesome stone.   It is both a good healing and protective stone,  offering good luck and helps with successful business and career.   I started using it almost 20 years ago with amazing results. Nowadays, most reputable rock shops … Continue reading MOLDAVITE – A RARE METEORITE


Helpful for blood disorders, nervous complaints and healing broken bones. Aids  blood circulation – those with weak blood circulation in their lower limbs should wear hematite bands or anklet on their ankles.  I once recommended it to the elderly father of the owner of one local rock shops. He was suffering from arthritis in the knee … Continue reading HEMATITE


One of my favorite stones, it is both mystical and spiritual.  Helps to develop Third Eye and activate the psychic center.  I put one under the pillow for a good night's sleep and enhancing my dreams.  Amethyst can enhance dreaming and dream recall,  especially in helping you to develop the ability to perform lucid dreaming.  It is … Continue reading Amethyst

Placebo Effect In Energy Healing – A Re-post

Some years ago,  I spoke with a practitioner of Chinese medicine (TCM) and he lamented about the proliferation of self-proclaimed healers who could supposedly harness energy to heal.  He brought up an interesting point of Placebo effect in energy healing,  where the healer was suffering from a delusion that he could heal and the "patient" … Continue reading Placebo Effect In Energy Healing – A Re-post

Exercising Discretion in Energy Healing – A Re-post.

When I started out to learn energy healing,  I remember I was so eager beaver to try and help whoever I came across as having health problems.  I encountered disappointment in failed attempts,  I became depleted of energy and I was ridiculed by my friends and relatives accusing me of living in make-believe dream world. … Continue reading Exercising Discretion in Energy Healing – A Re-post.

A General Discussion On Healing Stones

  Pink Moonstone Moonstone seems to be the one that have the water retention capability, I favor the pink specie which I am wearing as a ring. A feminine Pink moonstone is especially good for women with problem related to fertility and child-birth.  It has been used to alleviate fibroid cysts and irregular menstruation problem.  … Continue reading A General Discussion On Healing Stones

On Religious Tolerance – A Re-post.

In my spiritual development,  I practice,  albeit superficially,   a combination of Confucianism,  Buddhism, Taoism and also Hinduism.   I value Confucianism for guiding me with its much-advocated value system – loyalty, reciprocity, wisdom, courage, righteousness, filial piety and faithfulness.  I have benefited from  Buddhism -  its methodical approach to meditation,  its life philosophy of impermanence,   its … Continue reading On Religious Tolerance – A Re-post.