Pinky Rose Quartz Raw Stone This is an easily available and affordable variety of quartz that has excellent properties.  Overall, its naturally infused pink color resonates with warmth and love.  It helps all types of lonely and deprived souls, especially good for children and those who needed love when children.  It promotes harmonious relationship and … Continue reading ROSE QUARTZ

Dangers Of Excessive Meditation – A Repost

We have always heard advice that we should guard ourselves against excessive and over-zealous meditation practice, which would not only bring about mental related problems but would also impact adversely on our ability to lead a normal life and our relationship with those people closed to us. By excessive, I take it to mean that … Continue reading Dangers Of Excessive Meditation – A Repost

Spreading Negative Energy Over Cyber Space

Shi Gandang : 石敢当; Protect ordinary people from evil spirits. I have always been amused  watching a Chinese opera depicting a general leading his troop into battle.  The actor general would have three or four “pǎolóngtào” (跑龙套)   soldiers tailing behind him; and they would circle from front stage to back stage several rounds creating the … Continue reading Spreading Negative Energy Over Cyber Space