Using Mantra Meditation To Activate Chakra

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(1) To open the upper 3 chakras

Chakra meditation at the basic level is to use  very powerful mantras OM AH HUM.

Silently chant Om and visualise a ball of white light encircling your entire upper region of your head – covering the area of your crown and third eye chakras. (like wearing a half cap).

Next chant Ah and visualise a ball of red light glowing from your throat chakra. Move downwards, chant Hum and imagine a ball of blue light descending to your heart chakra and settling there.

Repeat the Mantra meditation as many times as you like,  or if you prefer 108 times per session.  After some time you will begin to feel that you can move energy at ease from the crown to the heart chakra – very useful for practising channelling of divine energy from above and allow it to pass through your crown, your…

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