A General Discussion On Human And Universal Energy

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It is my contention that every body can train himself to feel and effectively manage his energy system – things like seeing aura, doing divination, spiritual and remote healing and psychic protection against hostile energy entities, provided he understands the principles behind the energy system and how to develop and manage it. There is no mystery surrounding this innate gift that we are supposed to be born with but through the passage of time have neglected and lost it. For the Higher Beings have chosen to bury the secret of life within us and afford us the opportunities to re-discover it and put it to our own good use. It is always our sheer arrogance and ignorance that would prevent us from ever exploiting this gift of life.

It is by developing our sensitivity to energy that we acquire the ability to manage it, and the more we work on…

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Meditation On The Earth Chakra

"Earth Star chakra – this is the chakra which  I use to draw earth energy into my body.  To connect to this chakra, you visualize a perpendicular straight line extending deep down to the center of the earth below your feet. The focal point is a red brilliant star in the sea of total darkness. … Continue reading Meditation On The Earth Chakra

How To Feel Vibrations Of Quartz

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Image result for feel vibration of quartzMany people have struggled with their attempts to feel the vibrations of quartz and other stones.

When you hold a piece of quartz in your hands, you can either grab it with your palm or clutch it with the tips of 5 fingers. Personally, I favor using the five fingers to hold and feel the stone. Fingers are more sensitive to the feeling of vibrations.And, the left hand is preferred; I term the left hand as receiving and right hand as projecting. 

The first time you may not feel anything, just maybe just the touch of a cool object with its weight putting pressure on your fingers. Do not feel disheartened. It took me three months of holding my first piece of quartz day and night before I could feel it positively.

Do some centering exercise – I recommend deep breathing of three breathes in, hold at the…

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Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra

Our skin is  considered as the largest organ in our body, and counted as an unusual minor chakra as a group.  The ancient Chinese Qigong text described it as 84000 pores through which one could inhale and exhale energy.  There is one Taoist Meditation method which uses visualization of the Three Sacred Fire ( 三昧真火) … Continue reading Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra