How To Feel Vibrations Of Quartz

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Image result for feel vibration of quartzMany people have struggled with their attempts to feel the vibrations of quartz and other stones.

When you hold a piece of quartz in your hands, you can either grab it with your palm or clutch it with the tips of 5 fingers. Personally, I favor using the five fingers to hold and feel the stone. Fingers are more sensitive to the feeling of vibrations.And, the left hand is preferred; I term the left hand as receiving and right hand as projecting. 

The first time you may not feel anything, just maybe just the touch of a cool object with its weight putting pressure on your fingers. Do not feel disheartened. It took me three months of holding my first piece of quartz day and night before I could feel it positively.

Do some centering exercise – I recommend deep breathing of three breathes in, hold at the…

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