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Glossary of Mineral Stones

AVENTURINE: Also known as Indian jade, like most green stones, it carries the healing powers of the green earth. Heals the heart by releasing emotional stress, allowing reuniting of the healthy heart and soul. Commonly has shiny silver or pyrite flecks enhancing energy flow to other body areas. The aventurine is used to strengthen mental powers and eyesight. Gamblers use this stone to increase their luck. The all-round luck stone will enhance your creative talents For those doing business, display an aventurine ball (more than 100 mm) in left  wealth corner of the shop unit opposite the entrance to attract good business.

AGATE (Blue Lace): The pleasing light blue colour of Blue Lace, is soothing to the throat and it is used on the third eye area between the eyebrows as a sedative for the nerves. Relieves stress, non-allergenic tension and headaches. Reduces family quarrels. Soothes…

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Unusual Chakra – Part II

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This is an update of an older post (Some Unusual Chakras),   with new discussion on other unusual minor chakra – the skin,  and the two hand and foot sub-chakras.

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras in our body – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown.  Apart from these 7 commonly known chakras, there are some other unusual chakras, each having specific roles and functions.  These are the  unusual chakras which I have personally felt and experienced their  unique functions and locations.

(1) About one to two feet above our head/crown chakra, I think one writer call it Soul Star. This is the chakra I use to connect to distant stars to tap their energy and I think the energy is golden in colour. You can also activate this chakra, draw in its energy field and form a golden…

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