How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace

There are some social media websites that are trying to position themselves as Alternative News Media, supposedly to complement the Mainstream News Media.   However, having visited some of them,  I am terribly disappointed with the standard of news reporting,  in particular, their deplorable lack of integrity and objectivity in their operation of these online … Continue reading How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace

The Ghost Within Us

Psychic Tavern

I watched a Hong Kong horror movie which  featured a female ghost of a 100 years.    The ghost belonged to an  opera actress who was betrayed by her husband and murdered by him and his accomplices.  Her body was wrapped up in rattan mattress and left  unburied at  the village cementry.  Her vengeful spirit later returned to the village and killed nearly half of the villagers.  Later,  her beloved nephew went  to the graveyard where  her body was abandoned,  pleaded with her not to kill anymore and put on the wrist of her body her favourite  bracelet  which she had given him when she was alive.  The act of the young boy seemed to have placated her and the killing stopped.
100 years later in modern day  Hong Kong,  there was a couple of death which was eventually traced to her.  What happened was that her skeletal remains were accidentally disposed off into…

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Sequel To My Post “Unusual Chakra – Part II”

I did not draw much references from classical texts on Chakra, be it Hindu or Western literature when I wrote about these Unusual Chakra. ( They are based on my own hands-on experience and observation which I have garnered over years of meditation practice. You have to personally connect with your own chakra system, and at a … Continue reading Sequel To My Post “Unusual Chakra – Part II”