Exercising Discretion in Energy Healing – A Re-post.

Psychic Tavern

When I started out to learn energy healing,  I remember I was so eager beaver to try and help whoever I came across as having health problems.  I encountered disappointment in failed attempts,  I became depleted of energy and I suffered ridicule by my friends and relatives accusing  me of living in make-believe dream world.
Now,  even though we are supposedly channeling healing light from the Source,  we would still lose some of our own energy in the process of doing the healing;   nothing is for free as whatever you take you have to give back,   in proportions.  And there is the ever presence of the  risk of getting our own energy body contaminated by the diseased energy of the persons receiving the healing…
These days,  I am more discerning in deciding who I should help in  energy healing.   I only perform healing  when I am explicitly asked to do so, …

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