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Cleaning Gemstones

There are many ways to clean crystals of negative energy.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Outside Method: Place in Sunlight (See Sunlight chart below),  Moonlight or Rain (See Water Method)  for up to a day.  Placing the stone on or near a plant often quickens the process.
  2. Crystal Method:  If small,  can place on a Quartz or Amethyst cluster.  Great way to clean necklaces.  Clusters could be dedicated for this purpose with a clear intent.  Clean Cluster every month or two in rain or sunlight if possible.  An amethyst geode works great for this purpose.
  3. Sage Tea Method: This method is effective with less possibility of damaging the stones.  Take a sage (fresh is always better but not mandatory) and brew a pot of light tea and allow it to cool.  Place your crystals in a bowl (use glass bowl) and pour the cooled tea over them.  Leave…

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Applying Healing Colors

Below is a very brief guide to using colored light for some purposes of energy healing. As usual,  this is not a substitute for Medical treatment.   It is preferred to mix the primary colors with white – whitish red, whitish orange, whitish yellow, whitish green, whitish blue and whitish violet to moderate the effects of the … Continue reading Applying Healing Colors