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Over the years, I have observed a disturbing trend of high mortality rate among the financial planning sector, in particular one leading life insurance company.   Especially, quite a number of the senior members had over the years died of terminal sicknesses or succumbed to strokes and heart attacks.

My study of the metaphysics predisposes me to believe that the life threatening diseases or sicknesses might have their origin in the energy bodies of the victims.  Especially, the emotional and mental subtle energy fields that are connected with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, that are linked to the endocrine system,  are most vulnerable.   When a person harbors negative emotions and feelings over prolonged period, and when he continually works under stressful conditions without the benefits of relieving their work pressure or finding time to relax, he allows blockage to germinate and spread in his subtle energy bodies.   This in…

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