Police X Files In Real Life

Psychic Tavern

Police X files
There is a fair share of real life paranormal stories encountered in the course of day-to-day police work.  Most of them have not been officially documented but nevertheless have been circulated among the police personnel through words of mouth.

A Psychic Kid

A close friend of mine:  an ex-CID police officer in the Hong Kong Police,  narrated to me a story about a boy with psychic powers.  The boy came into police attention when parents of his classmate complained that their children were pinched by the boy causing sore marks all over their body.  When the boy was questioned by the police,  he claimed those school mates were either possessed by evil spirits or  sick,  and he was trying to cure them.   What surprised the police investigating the case (my friend William was one of the investigators )was that the boy could point to the case files on their desk…

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