Basic Exercises In Managing Pyschic Energy

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I have written extensively on the subject matter of energy or Qi and co-relate it to its importance in strengthening our chances of attracting good fortune and windfall.  In this article, I am going to introduce some basic methods of experiencing how to feel the elusive Qi or energy.

Before I proceed to discuss the methods, I need to highlight that there are many sceptics who adamantly deny the existence of energy or Qi.  I remember there was a certain columnist in my country’s major newspaper, a certain Dr Ho, who disdainfully dismissed all forms of alternative healing as bogus.  When he was reminded of a simple exercise in Chinese Qigong to experience the existence of Qi by pushing our two open palms together and drawing them apart, feeling the compression and expansion of energy,    he derisively attributed this phenomenal as the sensation of bodily heat.

When I explained this simple exercise and asked the audience in a workshop to try it out…

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