Learning To Feel Natural Stones With Your Chakra

Psychic Tavern

Image result for seven chakra stones red orange yellow green blue purple white

1.   This exercise should only be attempted after you have learned how to feel and be aware of energy and how to sense the vibration of quartz and stones with your hands.

(Basic Exercises In Managing Psychic Energy

(How To Feel Vibrations Of Quartz)

2.   It would be better if you have worked on the chakra meditation using the mantra Om Ah Hum and Om Mani Padme  Hum,  and learned the locations of the various chakra and how to feel them.  (Using Mantra To Activate Chakra)

3.   For this exercise you would require to collect the seven chakra stones  – Beginning with Red for Base Chakra (Red Agate or Garnet),  Orange for Sacral (Orange Calcite or Carnelian), Yellow for the Solar Plexus (Citrine or Yellow Jasper),  Green for the Heart Chakra (Aventurine, Moss Agate),  Blue for the Throat Chakra (Sodalite, Turquoise…

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