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Frequency of God

This is one meditation I have been using to feel my energy fields and their corresponding chakras. This exercise can be done in the standing or sleeping positions.  My word of caution – this method seems unbelievable and far-fetched to those unfamiliar with the metaphysics and the non-physical dimensions of energy work.

To begin, you have to reach the level where you are definitely aware of your seven basic chakras- knowing their precise locations in your body and actually feeling them in your mind.  You have to be familiar with the different layers of interlacing energy fields and how they are connected to the basic chakras.  The seven energy fields each with different and interlacing vibration frequency and their corresponding chakras are:

  1. Etheric Energy Field connected to the Base Chakra. Described as a blue-grayish luminous glow, it could be seen as an aura about half an inch from our physical…

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