Dangers of Excessive Meditation?

Psychic Tavern

We have always heard advice that we should guard ourselves against excessive and over-zealous meditation practice, which would not only bring about mental related problems but would also impact adversely on our ability to lead a normal life and our relationship with those people closed to us.

By excessive, I take it to mean that one puts in out of the ordinary effort to allocate a place and time and sit, maybe cross-legged, in a quiet room for a prolonged period, or even forsake all our worldly possessions/responsibility to retreat into seclusion to meditate.

The degree of excessiveness is relative to individuals – what is excessive to one person may not be the same for another.  Rather, it has to refer to the point at which the meditation practice begins to adversely affect the person’s state of mind or causing him to encounter problems in his livelihood and his relationship with…

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