Identifying a Bogus Spiritual Master

I am thankful that I have been bestowed with the good fortune and gifted with the ability to connect - in reading and deciphering the energy dimension. This skill set has originated from my understanding and training of the ability to decode the subtle energy fields connecting to our chakra system. I also put the … Continue reading Identifying a Bogus Spiritual Master

Spiritually Awaken Persons

Many of us believe that the spiritual pathway is primarily attained through meditation, undergoing spiritual teaching or devotion to religions. I remember coming across two individuals that impressed me with their overall refined aura,  and I believe they were not a result of dedicated meditation practice or adhering to spiritual or religious teachings. One was … Continue reading Spiritually Awaken Persons

Ancient Temple Long Hua Temple in Shanghai

       Recently I visited the Long Hua Temple in Shanghai.  Though the energy within the Long Hua Temple is appealingly alluring to me, I sense an intersperse of sadness in the air. It is a notch below the ideal divine energy in most of the renown ancient temples, like Ling Ying Temple in … Continue reading Ancient Temple Long Hua Temple in Shanghai

The Vibration of love heals everything!

In The United States, they discovered surprisingly that, what cancer cells most fear is " love "! the studio discovered that many people are sick for lack of " love!" The Doctor. David Hawkins is a well-known doctor in the United States and has treated many patients around the world. He says that seeing the … Continue reading The Vibration of love heals everything!