Lucid Dreaming – Notre Dame Cathedral in Vietnam

Previously,  I wrote about my lucid dream of a tall statue of Bodhisattva Guan Yin,  or Goddess of Mercy - (  There was yet another dream where I was transposed to an ancient looking cathedral, the location of which was unknown to me.  In the dream,  I was walking along a foot-path next to the … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming – Notre Dame Cathedral in Vietnam

Lucid Dreaming Involving Physical Interaction

I have my fair share of lucid dreaming.  Normally,  in those dreams,  there is  no direct physical involvement.  This conforms to the definition of lucid dreaming as one aspect of astral travelling,  and does not involve physical participation in that dimension that space and time become irrelevant. But,  recently,  there were actual involvement of  my … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Involving Physical Interaction

A Positive Response To My Post On How To Feel Vibration of Quartz

Comment from Creedlcion:  "I’ve been wearing amethyst pendant near my chest for almost twenty years and noticed there are many times when I felt this continuous rocking sensation, even though I’ll just be sitting still doing nothing. It was a pretty rhythmic, heavy dub-dub feeling accompanied by a buzz, and despite changing the amethyst once … Continue reading A Positive Response To My Post On How To Feel Vibration of Quartz

Further Training In Psychic Energy

  My posting on Basic Exercise In Managing Psychic Energy ( has been well received.  Some readers have urged me to write a follow-up article, sort of sequel, on this subject. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I have rearranged the other posts in my blog which could be regarded as a further reading reference to … Continue reading Further Training In Psychic Energy

Combo of Moss Agate And Chevron Amethyst

The composition of the combo bracelet are from two fantastic stones – dark green Moss Agate and Chevron Amethyst (also  known as Dogtooth Amethyst) which is purple in colour and contain some white banded inclusion. Moss agate is a green stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing … Continue reading Combo of Moss Agate And Chevron Amethyst

The Healing Energy of Love

  I refer to a post: The Vibration Of Love Heals Everything - which I featured in this blog through the courtesy of   Cruz Maria Btez. In my other posts,  I have spoken extensively about the subtle energy fields and their connection to the chakra,  and how we could through methodical meditation training tap and access … Continue reading The Healing Energy of Love

Update – The Etheric Pyramid (Powerful Cleansing Method)

Psychic Tavern


On the cleansing away residual negativity, may I share with you one method taught to me by my very first energy teacher, Mr. Liew (a former diplomat and senior civil servant).    He claimed that on one occasion during his meditation,  a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt visited him and taught him this method.  That is the use of the Energy Pyramid, an excellent healing and cleansing tool, which some of you may have heard of.  To practice this method,  one must have attained a higher level of visualization,  able to conjure the image of the pyramid and hold their attention on it for a prolonged period,  and have already trained and heightened their awareness of energy movements in and out of their body.

The method is as follows:

(1) Begin by visualizing an etheric pyramid, three dimensional, with base 3 by 3 feet, and of any colour of your choice (brilliant white or gold are…

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Chanting Mantra – The Basics

Mantra chanting is often viewed as a closed and privileged religious practice attained by  ordained high monks and  priests.  A friend whom I had taught mantra chanting commented that it was no big deal as everybody could learn the mantra and chant them.   Over the years,  I have practiced as a layperson the technique of … Continue reading Chanting Mantra – The Basics

Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective

I  believe that one can heighten their sensory abilities not only through keeping themselves physically fit but also through regular meditation, and Qigong practice. Meditation,  practiced consistently,  helps us to still our mind,  concentrate better and improve our overall awareness.  It will definitely enhance our sensory abilities in sight, smell, and taste. Being involved hands-on … Continue reading Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective