Use Of Stones and Crystals To Promote Good Feng Shui

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(1) Hang a quartz on top of each door if you have two doors face to face with one another. The occupants in the rooms with the door facing each other would end up having a quarrelsome relationship. In Chinese, a door is symbolized by the pictorial character of a mouth, and when two doors are opposite each other they are just like two mouths confronting each other. I recommend rose quartz to improve and harmonize relationship.

(2) Hang a quartz from the ceiling halfway between two doors which are in alignment. Best to use a natural quartz which is faceted cut. It is inauspicious to have two doors in straight alignment in any building; they are called heart piercing doors.

(3) Place a geode of amethyst on the left-hand corner of the room diagonally opposite the entrance into a room. That is the wealth corner. Can also use quartz…

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Improving Feng Shui with I Ching 9 Palace Ba Gua

On Using the I Jing 9 Palace Ba Gua - you should remember the 9 numbers representing 8 trigrams with 5 in the centre representing earth centre. For those who are interested in FengShui, there is a Walking the 9 Palace Method of using the set above to bless and cleanse a house.   (1) … Continue reading Improving Feng Shui with I Ching 9 Palace Ba Gua

Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.

  For a long time,  I fought shy of describing myself as an Empath,  because I felt that it had negative connotation,  often tagging those highly-strung people who could not come to term with their personal emotional problems. I just left an Empath FB Group with a large following because over time I find it … Continue reading Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.

Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient

I practice energy and am  conversant with their vibrational frequencies;  I am consciously aware of its existence around us.   I may be generally classified as a practising  clairsentient -  the ability to sense and feel subtle energy. It is my core belief that the basic life ingredient is composed of  energy from which all life forms … Continue reading Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient

Basic Techniques On Chanting Mantra

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Mantra chanting

Mantra chanting is often viewed as a closed religious practice by high monks or priests.  A friend whom I had taught mantra chanting commented that it was no big deal as everybody could learn the mantra and chant them.   Over the years,  I have practiced as a layperson the technique of chanting of the mantra,  and based on my experience I  elaborated to him some useful pointers and hope he has understood and reaped the benefits.

Chanting should be done smoothly with fewer changing of the breath as much as possible.   You do not just mindlessly vocalize the words in the mantra and think that they are sure to work.  When you recite the mantra using your chakras,  the chanting should appear to be in a straight line, smoothly articulated with no abrupt breaks in between.   The last ingredient is the mind –  through your thoughts, your programme your mantras…

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