Basic Techniques On Chanting Mantra

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Mantra chanting

Mantra chanting is often viewed as a closed religious practice by high monks or priests.  A friend whom I had taught mantra chanting commented that it was no big deal as everybody could learn the mantra and chant them.   Over the years,  I have practiced as a layperson the technique of chanting of the mantra,  and based on my experience I  elaborated to him some useful pointers and hope he has understood and reaped the benefits.

Chanting should be done smoothly with fewer changing of the breath as much as possible.   You do not just mindlessly vocalize the words in the mantra and think that they are sure to work.  When you recite the mantra using your chakras,  the chanting should appear to be in a straight line, smoothly articulated with no abrupt breaks in between.   The last ingredient is the mind –  through your thoughts, your programme your mantras…

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