How To Feel Vibrations of Quatz – Part II.

My all time favoritism post,  "How To Feel Vibrations of Quartz" has continued to amass tremendous responses.  As a sequel to the topic: How To Feel Vibrations of Quartz, I reiterate some other  reactions one would get when they first hold the stones. (1) Temperature – Is the stone warm or cool to touch? (Be … Continue reading How To Feel Vibrations of Quatz – Part II.

How To Programme A Quartz Or Stone

In this post, I am going to talk about the programming of quartz and stones.  This would provide a basic understanding to help unravel the mystery behind how those spiritual masters perform the blessing of consecration of objects like pendants or talismans.   I have also tried to introduce a simplified method of blessing or consecrating … Continue reading How To Programme A Quartz Or Stone

My Energy Healing Modality

“A lot of people are skeptical over my ability to channel energy, mistakenly believing only highly acclaimed spiritual masters, for whom they are prepared to part with a fortune, are privileged to exercise it.”

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In this blog,  I have written extensively on the subject of energy.  I am going to consolidate   in this post all  my knowledge and training on energy  and how I have applied them to  perform energy healing.

Energy Healing

Mental Scanning is first carried out to determine the person’s overall energy status.  The diagnosis comprises determining the person’s energy level – whether weak or strong, or refined or raw.  This is followed by locating areas of blockage which are characterized by denseness or painful sensations in those problematic locations.  My diagnostic scanning is in activating my  Third Eye,  and to a lesser degree my skin sub-chakra to feel rather than auric viewing.

After the scanning is done, I would apply the etheric pyramid over the person’s energy body – spinning it anti-clockwise. (Ref 1)  I actually cleanse the energy field beginning from the Etheric Field connected to the Base Chakra. …

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