How To Attract Windfall Energy

Psychic Tavern

It's raining money It’s raining money

How to attract luck, fortune, and windfall? – that is the million $ question that people are seeking for an answer.  How does it come upon you and make you win that desirable 4-D and Toto prizes?  Look around and you would notice that some individuals seem to be blessed with good luck. They tend to win regularly at lottery draws or any other games of chance.  On the other hand, others seem to be surrounded with bad luck. Have you been wondering why?

I suppose one of the keys to unraveling this mystery is in  Energy.  Generally, we think Luck or Fortune is influenced by positive energy.  Now, you may ask, what is this positive energy? How to recognize its existence? Does it have a range of vibration frequency that brings you the so-called Good Luck energy?  So, in order to have good luck, people go…

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