My Thoughts On Religions

I hold an opinion that religions are divine vehicles – means to an end – to lessen your load of “Karmic” sinful debts with their arrays of doctrines – so that you can lead the right path in life and ascend to the realm of everlasting bliss upon your expiry of your physical life.

And, it is a sad state of affair when men interpret their religious doctrines as if sole proprietary rights, and self-righteously defend them tooth and nail and fighting one another.

I once asked a person so devoted in his religious belief and tried hard to convert me into his fold. I asked him rather mischievously if he was willing to give up his reserved lot in Heaven and go to Hell on my behalf, if I were to be converted by him. He ran away.All religious should serve all mankind, and not only parochially to satisfy the need of individual to seek personal salvation. Is it a “Tall Order”?

By Anthony Leong

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