Month: March 2021

Further Note On Practice of Shamanism

Just a few days ago, a former boss who regularly seeks my assistance in cleansing his houses spoke to me about the Shaman method. He read my blog article on Shamanic Practice in Modern Days. I explained to him two important features in my… Continue Reading “Further Note On Practice of Shamanism”

Placebo Effect In Energy Healing – A Re-post

Love The Darkness

We are being told to be happy, raise your vibration, look to the light, but none of this will be lasting until you have loved the dark. In meditation you close your eyes, turn inwards to look at the mind’s eye and seek comfort… Continue Reading “Love The Darkness”

A Reader”s Response On my Post Shamanism And The Elements

An interesting response from a reader of my blog Psychictavern to my recent article on…/on-shamanism-and-the…/ From emergingfromthedarknightAustralia “The religious naturalist is provisioned with tales of natural emergence that are, to my mind, far more magical than traditional miracles. Emergence is inherent in everything… Continue Reading “A Reader”s Response On my Post Shamanism And The Elements”

On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements

Ever since men roamed the earth, they were overawed by the omnipotence of the elements – fire, water, winds and sun etc, that were inextricably interwoven in their survival and day to day living. The fear of the unknown caused them to worship the… Continue Reading “On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements”

On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.

I have been taught some Shamanic practice of invoking the elements.   In my invocation of the elements, in Hindu practice, I chant a specific mantra, call out and pay tribute to the Maha-Deva of the Earth, Fire, Rain, Sea, Stars, Moon, Sun, Mountains,… Continue Reading “On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.”

A Recap On Energy Practice

Whatever stage in spiritual progression, the cultivation of the energy realm is the all important key. You begin by acquiring positive awareness of energy, followed by your attainment of marshaling your thoughts to move the energy first inside your body, and next outside your… Continue Reading “A Recap On Energy Practice”