Month: April 2021

My home-made Tektite magic Wand

                                My homemade magic wand comprising a Herkimer double termination quartz, at the tip, a copper rod and a raw piece of tektite at the base. The Herkimer trouble… Continue Reading “My home-made Tektite magic Wand”

Untapped Potential of Our Brain

Some medical science research extrapolate on the untapped potential of our brain. It is said that human beings normally use 10% of our brain, leaving the major 90% unexplored. However, there are many other researchers that dispute this hypothesis but beyond asserting that 100… Continue Reading “Untapped Potential of Our Brain”

Different Level Of Consciousness

Magic And Science

Throughout ancient civilizations, men dreamed of the magic of flying, listening to faraway sound and viewing faraway sights. Today, science makes them real – airplanes, rockets, radio, television and the internet . It is the same like our thoughts that I believe hold the… Continue Reading “Magic And Science”

Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone

TEKTITE Tektites (from Greek τηκτός tēktós, “molten”) are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. They also commonly found in China, Indochina, India and even Australia. The stones emit highly overpowering energy vibration more than sufficient to ward off… Continue Reading “Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone”