Untapped Potential of Our Brain

Humans only use 10% of their brain power — Steemit

Some medical science research extrapolate on the untapped potential of our brain. It is said that human beings normally use 10% of our brain, leaving the major 90% unexplored. However, there are many other researchers that dispute this hypothesis but beyond asserting that 100 % of our brain is always active, they fail to explain if there are other latent abilities of the brain that remain undiscovered and cannot be measured by instruments to track the physical activities of the brain cells. For example, my personal example shows that I could access energy dimensions and do energy manifestation using my thought process, and the scientists would disdainfully scoffed at my assertion.

A Swami, Amma Naranyani once materialized a religious pendant for me from out of the thin air. He explained that he could use his thoughts to effect molecular restructuring to manifest objects when asked how he could perform the magic feat of materializing physical objects.

I speak about my personal experience on the untapped potential of our brain. I acquire the ability to feel energy vibration after much meditation practice and training with the use of quartz and stones. It is as if I first dip myself in water and experience new body sensation feeling the presence of water caressing my body, and moving it with my palms. In the world, I am sure there are other people like me who could utilize the untapped potential of our brain to perform metaphysical feats.

By Anthony Leong

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