Month: June 2021

White Cloud Healing Method

WHITE CLOUD HEALING METHOD There is indeed a visualization method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the… Continue Reading “White Cloud Healing Method”

Random Thoughts On Meditation

Conventional meditation advocates the stilling of the mind by focusing on a single thought to displace the multiple mental distractions.  The use of foci includes breathing control, chanting a mantra, or counting of beads in a rosary.  It is the use of a single… Continue Reading “Random Thoughts On Meditation”

Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

I revisit some of my older practice and gain new insight into understanding their basics, and discovering innovative ways of improving upon them. For example, I have long acquired the skill set of how to sense out the subtle energy fields that are connected… Continue Reading “Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.”