Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone

TEKTITE Tektites (from Greek τηκτός tēktós, "molten") are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. They also commonly found in China, Indochina, India and even Australia. The stones emit highly overpowering energy vibration more than sufficient to ward off negative energy.   The inexpensive tektite has multiple uses for me. … Continue reading Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone

Further Note On Practice of Shamanism

Just a few days ago, a former boss who regularly seeks my assistance in cleansing his houses spoke to me about the Shaman method. He read my blog article on Shamanic Practice in Modern Days.I explained to him two important features in my practice of Shamanic methods - (1) Ability to connect to energy vibration … Continue reading Further Note On Practice of Shamanism

The Elusive Guides In My Lucid Dreams

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My Elusive Guides that came to me in my lucid dreams

There are many adepts who pride themselves with having received personal tutelage from spiritual masters.As far as I can recall, I have never had any meaningful contact or communication with any spiritual masters or guides in my conscious state. I remember seeing their images only in fleeting moments during meditation sessions or during lucid dreaming.

It took me a long time to decide to write about these visitations in my dreams from spiritual masters, as they might appear to be too fictional and be ridiculed by people as products of figments of my imagination. I leave it to the discretion of whoever readers to decide whether to enjoy reading my personal account, or whether or not they believe in whatever I have said.

I remember vividly that before I picked up meditation, some 30 years ago, I…

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Placebo Effect In Energy Healing – A Re-post

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Some years ago,  I spoke with a practitioner of Chinese medicine (TCM) and he lamented about the proliferation of self-proclaimed healers who could supposedly harness energy to heal.  He brought up an interesting point of Placebo effect in energy healing,  where the healer was suffering from a delusion that he could heal and the “patient” followingly believed that he was feeling better and the healing was successful.  My friend, Chen,  a  Chinese qualified SinSeh (“Doctor” in Chinese lingo),  is himself an advanced Qigong practitioner and he was the one who gave me the idea of using etheric hands.
Placebo Effect Of Healing
Now,  if indeed the “patient” has been successfully healed,  even if it is the result of a placebo effect,  I would say “so be it!”.  But what is worrisome is the patient himself becomes deluded that he is completely healed,  does not seek further medical treatment and ends up…

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A Reader”s Response On my Post Shamanism And The Elements

An interesting response from a reader of my blog Psychictavern to my recent article on https://psychictavern.com/.../on-shamanism-and-the.../ From emergingfromthedarknightAustralia "The religious naturalist is provisioned with tales of natural emergence that are, to my mind, far more magical than traditional miracles. Emergence is inherent in everything that is alive, allowing our yearning for supernatural miracles to be … Continue reading A Reader”s Response On my Post Shamanism And The Elements

On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements

Ever since men roamed the earth, they were overawed by the omnipotence of the elements - fire, water, winds and sun etc, that were inextricably interwoven in their survival and day to day living. The fear of the unknown caused them to worship the elements to plead for peace and co-existence, or enhance their livelihood … Continue reading On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements

On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.

I have been taught some Shamanic practice of invoking the elements. In my invocation of the elements, in Hindu practice, I chant a specific mantra, call out and pay tribute to the Maha-Deva of the Earth, Fire, Rain, Sea, Stars, Moon, Sun, Mountains, Forest, Trees and Wind to connect to their energies. In the Taoist … Continue reading On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.