My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Tektite Stone Elixir w Sanitizing Property Elixirs basically are plain water “charged” with the powerful vibration of quartz and mineral stones to give them the added property of protection and blessings of health, good luck and good fortune.  I started using tektite infused water long ago – by "soaking" the inexpensive meteorite with power vibration … Continue reading My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

When I was running a Crystal Shop two years ago,  people from different background used to come to me for advice on the use of natural stones and meditation.  One elderly lady who told me she came from a rather “orthodox” church confided in me her personal problems with her family and claimed she was … Continue reading Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development

To the Buddhist, compassion is "Mettā (Pali) or maitrī (Sanskrit) meaning benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others". By itself it is an important branch of meditation called: "Metta Meditation" In my life long practice in spirituality, I realize the importance of compassion. It is simplified as the act of giving unconditionally. … Continue reading Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development

Stargazing as a Psychic Practice.

Stargazing I became fascinated with gazing at stars after learning that one of our out-of-the-body body chakra is the Stellar Gate. Stellar Gateway (holding the essence of the Soul Star, the Galactic, and the Universal Chakras) is acting as a cosmic conduit, opening up a portal of energy that is a divine link to the … Continue reading Stargazing as a Psychic Practice.

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The Elusive Guides In My Lucid Dreams

My Elusive Guides that came to me in my lucid dreams There are many adepts who pride themselves with having received personal tutelage from spiritual masters. As far as I can recall, I have never had any meaningful contact or communication with any spiritual masters or guides in my conscious state. I remember seeing their … Continue reading The Elusive Guides In My Lucid Dreams

Advanced Techniques in Energy Application

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What I am going to discuss energy manifestation is epoch-making.   I have yet to come across any literature that describes this method. This applies to deploying energy to do healing, manifesting or protection, and even remote sensing and projection.

When you connect energy to do your bidding, you do not depend on chance or wishy-washy belief that it must work.  The exception only applies to those who are spiritually gifted or blessed to have highly evolved divine beings as their guides or guardians.

The key to effective application of energy lies in knowing the energy fields at the peripherals of the physical and non-physical objects.  Like what I have spoken about the energy fields around our physical body each interlacing with one another through variance in vibration frequencies and each connecting to a chakra.   (Reference:  )

So, after we are positively familiar with the energy fields or subtle energy…

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Fighting Ghosts In Lucid Dreams

In all my previous lucid dreams that I had encounters ghosts and spirits, I deployed mantras and mudras against them.  Normally, the powers of the mantra – Om Mani Padme Hum- and its loud and booming effect would be strong enough to keep them at bay.    This conforms to my belief that the lucid dreams … Continue reading Fighting Ghosts In Lucid Dreams

How To Attract Windfall Energy

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It's raining money It’s raining money

How to attract luck, fortune, and windfall? – that is the million $ question that people are seeking for an answer.  How does it come upon you and make you win that desirable 4-D and Toto prizes?  Look around and you would notice that some individuals seem to be blessed with good luck. They tend to win regularly at lottery draws or any other games of chance.  On the other hand, others seem to be surrounded with bad luck. Have you been wondering why?

I suppose one of the keys to unraveling this mystery is in  Energy.  Generally, we think Luck or Fortune is influenced by positive energy.  Now, you may ask, what is this positive energy? How to recognize its existence? Does it have a range of vibration frequency that brings you the so-called Good Luck energy?  So, in order to have good luck, people go…

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