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Smudging with Incense.

    In this article, I am going to talk about smudging – the traditional smudging for cleansing and purifying. My practice – I walk around the house with the burning a type of incense called Kemenyan in a clockwise direction, stopping at every… Continue Reading “Smudging with Incense.”

Metaphysical Use of Humidifier

                            In my previous articles, I wrote about…/my-experience-with-stone…/..I am relating the use of the elixir to a modern-day gadget called the humidifier.   Humidifier is supposed to add moisture to… Continue Reading “Metaphysical Use of Humidifier”

Improving Feng Shui with I Ching 9 Palace Ba Gua

On Using the I Jing 9 Palace Ba Gua – you should remember the 9 numbers representing 8 trigrams with 5 in the centre representing earth centre. For those who are interested in FengShui, there is a Walking the 9 Palace Method of using… Continue Reading “Improving Feng Shui with I Ching 9 Palace Ba Gua”

Update – The Etheric Pyramid (Powerful Cleansing Method)

On the cleansing away residual negativity, may I share with you one method taught to me by my very first energy teacher, Mr. Liew (a former diplomat and senior civil servant).    He claimed that on one occasion during his meditation,  a Pharaoh from… Continue Reading “Update – The Etheric Pyramid (Powerful Cleansing Method)”


Everyone loves to win big prizes in lottery or Toto draws.   I have assembled some pointers or tips to help improve our chances of windfalls in gambling.  1. Cleanse yourself of Negative Energies. Energy health plays an important part in gaining success, be it… Continue Reading “TIPS ON IMPROVING YOUR CHANCES OF WINDFALL.”

What is Negative Energy and its relationship with Chinese system of Yin and Yang.

Background The concept of excessive negative energy is explained by the Chinese tradition (Yi Jing 易经or the Book of Change) as an imbalance of Yin (Negative) and Yang (Positive), with the dominance of Yin over the Yang.  So Yin is the direct opposite of… Continue Reading “What is Negative Energy and its relationship with Chinese system of Yin and Yang.”

Responding to article on Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body

I was in Finland and Norway recently and felt that both countries resonate with my Brow or Third Eye Chakra.  My conjecture is the Scandinavian people are likely to highly intuitive and creative.   In China, I had the same sensing that the place… Continue Reading “Responding to article on Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body”

What causes a property to be haunted?

What causes a property to be haunted? A favorite explanation is that ghost sightings exists in places that for some reason, has an abundance of negative energy. Or read the other way, a place that lacks positive energy. Apparitions by definition, are nothing but… Continue Reading “What causes a property to be haunted?”

How To Attract Windfall Energy

How to attract luck, fortune, and windfall? – that is the million $ question that people are seeking for an answer.  How does it come upon you and make you win that desirable 4-D and Toto prizes?  Look around and you would notice that… Continue Reading “How To Attract Windfall Energy”

Cleansing And Improving Energy in Houses

  In that particular healing episode (REMOTE SENSING AND ENERGY HEALING),  I spoke about how I helped heal my former colleague’s wife who was suffering from stomach cancer.  There was more to it than applying the healing energy on her auric body remotely.   I also… Continue Reading “Cleansing And Improving Energy in Houses”