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Love Your House

My FaceBook friend Tammy S South-Price writes: – Our homes not only reflect our own energies but those of the former inhabitants. I’ve been aware of this for many years, but more keenly so after a September 2011 house fire. I picked up the sadness of spirits, as they were confused by the state of things. Not many people would think to do this… but I invited them to attach themselves to my own spirit, to go with me as I personally went through the process of demolishing the old and setting up anew. I gave them permission to go with me if they desired. I opened myself to embrace them as it were and i did feel a peace about my decision to do so. I no longer felt their confusion, but I felt that they were comforted and that in turn comforted me.”

I agree with her that we must love our house as if it has a life of its own. For certainty, it provides us with a safe sanctuary. keeps us warm and protects our privacy. So we must keep our house clean, neat, and tidy for it to continue to exude positive energy. In Chinese Fengshui classics, a house with heaps of rubbish and unwanted items strewn all over in disarray has heavy negative energy that is likely to attract not only misfortune, ill health but also a negative spirit

Yes, the house also retains the memory of its previous occupants. Many years ago, my secretary asked me to feel out the energy of a rosary which she bought second-hand from her Church auction sales. After having the rosary, she complained that there were constant feuds within her extended family occupying the same house. I checked the rosary and detected the presence of negative energy lodged in it. I explained to her that the previous owner of the rosary was suffering from family squabbles and the negative energy got imprinted in the artifact. The few days of exposure to the positive vibration in the church during the auction did not manage to have the unsavory energy vibration of the rosary. When it was introduced into my secretary’s home, the negative vibes of the rosary resonated with its new surrounding and permeated the air therein with hostility sparking off family quarrels and misunderstanding. I cleansed the rosary but my secretary refused to keep it and eventually disposed of it. Later, I checked with her again and learned that the situation in her family had become more harmonious.


Just as human beings have chakras, the countries and their landmass also exhibit energy vibration that resonates with human chakras.
I normally try to scan the foreign locations during my flight while the plane hovers over the landscape below. I also try to assess the energy vibration remotely by watching videos or photographs but the response seems weaker compared to my physical presence there.

I was in Finland and Norway recently and felt that both countries resonate with my Brow or Third Eye Chakra.  My conjecture is the Scandinavian people are likely to highly intuitive and creative.


In China, I had the same sensing that the place especially in Tibet vibrated my upper chakra between my Third Eye and Crown.  Tibet has all along been a seat of high spirituality,  and it is no surprise collectively it exudes the traits that concentrate on the Third Eye and Crown chakras.  As a country,   my sensing o China shows me that the prominent vibration seems to be between the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is interpreted as Chinese throughout its history of 5000 years have been compassionate people though they have room to accommodate the mental energy of the solar plexus chakra to develop the country and strives towards excellence in science,  engineering, and economics while retaining its culture of creativity in arts and spirituality.


I traced back my memory bank to the time I was in America and remember it stirred my Solar Plexus, likely to indicate that it is operating predominantly at the Mental Plane, (My own country Singapore too has vibrations close to the Solar Plexus Chakra).  Especially,  in the USA,  it has been generally described as a country with people that the mind rules over the heart,  meaning the mental components take precedence.  And,  that is one end result that the country produces individuals who won Nobel prizes,  top NASA scientists, and computer engineers.


There were some countries I had been to that had their vibrations stuck at the lower sacral and base chakra, Indonesia is one of them. Now, I am not sure whether it is the geographical differences or the people and their culture (or a combination of both at varying proportions) that causes the variation in the energy vibration.  These are unfortunately backward countries and collectively the primeval energy vibration still lingers on.

Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body

White Cloud Healing Method


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There is indeed a visualization method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the suction ability to extract them. If the cleansing is properly done, you should feel blockages in your body being removed, and physically you should feel the biting sensations around the more sensitive parts of your face and your arms and fingers as the impurities are being siphoned off.


When the cloud has done its job of cleansing, it should become heavy and grey instead of shining white. What then should we do to end the visualization and clear away the saturated cloud? You can visualize the bright sun shining on the grey cloud and melting it away.

Also, allow the imagery rays of the golden sunlight to bask you for a while after clearing away the grey cloud. They serve the purpose of not only rejuvenating and replenishing you but also mend whatever auric holes or indentations resulted from the blockages being removed.


For those who are yet uninitiated in the nuances of energy healing, you still can attempt to imagine a white cloud above your head, and mentally will it to heal you. If the method works, you would feel pricking sensations on your body.


When you are more proficient in working with the cloud method, you can also use it to cleanse other people by willing it above their heads. Or, if you are more ambitious, you can project it many sizes larger than a house to clean it.


Can also use it as an object of focus during meditation while it serves the purpose of purifying your body.



Anthony Leong

Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

I revisit some of my older practice and gain new insight into understanding their basics, and discovering innovative ways of improving upon them.

For example, I have long acquired the skill set of how to sense out the subtle energy fields that are connected to the chakra. Recently, I have discovered that I could manipulate my subtle energy field, the Ketheric connected to my Crown Chakra to neutralize energy blockage and pains in my body.

The energy vibration of the Ketheric is of the highest order among all the lower subtle energy fields and their corresponding chakra. I first concentrate my attention on the Crown Chakra and scan its outlaying subtle energy field. Simultaneously, I shift my attention to those part of my body, say my stomach, that needs healing. And, I next focus my mind as if to “dissolve” the affected parts and the associating pains or discomfort with the Ketheric energy field linked to my Crown Chakra. I have successfully deployed it to subdue those pains and aches; it holds great promise at healing more serious diseases and illnesses. I just need to practice harder to perfect the skillset.

In similar vein,  I could tap on the other subtle energy fields to try out the different modes of healing.  For example,  I tap on the Etheric Template energy field that is connected to my Throat Chakra to try alleviate throat and respiratory problems.  I have also tried out connecting with the Astral energy field linked to my Heart Chakra for general cleansing purpose. 


And, I have tried applying the healing technique to another person in my proximity. There is no physical contact as I just marshal my thoughts, concentrate on the person’s subtle energy field and his problematic area to perform the healing. Remote healing is also highly possible using this method.


By Anthony Leong




You can actually conjure a globe of light in your hand, aim at the direction where there is negativity and neutralize the bad energy. If you find it difficult to visualize a globe, you can use one method — put your right hand about five to six inches on top of your left hand and start rotating it clockwise as can. Stop when you sense a heavy build in your left hand that is your energy globe. You can actually after sometime feel the weight of the globe and transfer it from one hand to another.

Try it on your body first where there is energy blockage. Give instructions to globe to cleanse the blockage; you can feel prickly sensations especially around the edge of your nose, you neck or armpits as the globe draws out the negative energy. I call this the Healing Orb; and it can be easily learned and acquired after some practice.

You can say prayers to charge up the globe, cleanse it once it becomes saturated with the unclean energy that it has sucked up, or you can imagine a chord linking from the globe to the earth to siphon off the energy waste. Or, after using the globe, you can flick your hand and imagine the globe being discarded to the ground, and into the earth surface. The earth seems to have the ability to absorb energy waste and transmute them into some other form of useful energy

After some practice, you do not confine the globe to your hands; you can actually conjure it anywhere you like and command it to do your bidding. Like conjuring it in the center of a group of gathering to take away whatever the negative energies.

Oh yes, the energy ball can be used in remote healing. An example: one of my students had too much of energy lodged in his chest and suffered pain one day. His wife made an emergency call to me and I use the energy ball method to siphon off the excess energy from his chest and relieve him of the

Another example: In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my fellowship a Chinese physician or “Sin Seh”, who is also a Chi-Kung exponent, asked me for help to heal a 2-month old baby who seemed to have heavy energy blockage along his neck, so much so his face became blacken. It was considered unwise to project energy to cleanse the baby, because of his tender age. I used the energy ball method and took away the blocked energy and his face returned to its ruddy complexion. I even taught the parents how to conjure the energy ball as I supposed the energy block would recur again. But I also cautioned them that they must take care to siphon off only the blocked energy, and not to drain away too much of the good energy from the baby. The Chinese physician gave her opinion that the root of the problem was in the stomach, of the baby, which manifested into an energy blockade along the Stomach meridian near the neck area of the baby, and she would concentrate her healing effort on this area over the longer term.

To charge up the energy globe, or ball or sphere. to make it more effective. you can chant, make affirmations, say prayers or bring down the white light to strengthen it. Or you can will it to spin anti-clockwise to increase the power of suction.

Recently I have discovered a new method of constructing the energy orb to make it more powerful in drawing away negative energies.

The new trick involves first visualizing a brilliant minute star above your right palm with an aura surrounding it forming the orb. The energy orb so constructed has more force in serving as an etheric vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, you can chant mantras to charge up the orb, visualize a column of white light to descend upon the orb to strengthen and cleanse it or an energy cord linking it to the center of the earth (earth star chakra) to drain off the dense negative energies collected. Remember to flick your hand downwards and dispose the orb into earth when you finish using it.

And one reminder, when you drain off negative energy blockages from your body, there is a vacuum of a hole in your aura and you may need to patch it up using your right hand to project the replacement energy.  Under normal circumstances, energy from other parts of the body would flow in and fill up those portions that have been devoid of energies. (Unless there are some other blockages along other meridian lines too).

Anthony Leong

Colors of Healing

Below is a very brief guide to using colored light for some purposes of energy healing.
As usual,  this is not a substitute for Medical treatment.   It is preferred to mix the primary colors with white – whitish red, whitish orange, whitish yellow, whitish green, whitish blue and whitish violet to moderate the effects of the primary colors.

Affects the muscular system, Stimulates the sensory nerves.
Affects the adrenals and releases adrenaline into the body.
Good for circulation and to increase physical energy.
Helps with colds. Repairs damaged tissue and helps heal wounds.

Do not use red for inflammations (blue is suggested).
Do not use in cases of emotional disturbance. (May increase anger or anxiety).
Do not use on those suffering from cancer.
Red is not recommended for heart problems. Rose tones can be used instead

For rejuvenation, calming and comfort
Fertility issues
Increase compassion
Use for kidney problems to rejuvenate the organs.

An antidote for depression, loneliness, and tiredness.
Recommended for Vegetarians to give them energy.
For cramps and spasms, chest conditions, rheumatism, and asthma.
For cleansing along with green color.

For the nervous system
For issues of mobility, neurological issues
For skin ailments and nervous exhaustion.
Intellectual clarity (before taking tests as an example)
Do not use yellow for a nervous breakdown, use blue and green.

For the digestive system.
To relieve tension for shock,
It helps to alleviate headaches
For blood pressure (light green for high blood pressure and dark
Green for low blood pressure).
It relaxes the heart.
For cleansing.

Turquoise (blue-green or aqua)
Can help to calm hypersensitive children
For mental calm
Also a good color for general meditation

Blue (light or sky)
To enhance antiseptic effects
It calms the mind and nerves.
For throat conditions, stings, itches, and bites.
For Cases of shock.
For cooling a fever
Use a blue light for measles, chickenpox, and mumps.
For disinfecting and for filling up energy gaps.

Indigo  (deeper blue)
Removing fear.
Purifies the bloodstream.
For varicose veins, insomnia, boils, ulcers, bruising.
Indigo heals the etheric body. (not for depression)

Can be good for mental and nervous disorders and emotional disturbances.
Maintains potassium balance.
Reduces hunger.
Sedates and subdues
Purifies the entire system.
Disintegrate and loosening energy blocks

The Pranic Healing Method teaches the use of our chakra to deploy the colors from our palms:

Base Chakra – For projecting red, orange and yellow

Throat Chakra – For projecting green and blue

Crown – For projecting violet and electric violet.

Otherwise,  you can just visualize the colors as you project healing energy from your palm.

The different colors of stones can apply alongside the healing colors, which is categorized according to the 7 colors of the rainbow. For example, can use ruby and garnet for red healing color, carnelian and orange jasper for orange, citrine and tiger eyes for yellow, emerald and aventurine for green, turquoise, lapis and sodalite for blue, amethyst and sugilite for indigo. A bit difficult for me to relate any stones for violet, though I often replace it with white and use white quartz.


Besides having the healing properties as describe in the healing colors, each stones also have other ancillary qualities not only for healing but other purposes like protection and fortune attraction.


Anthony Leong

Animal Healing

Dog Healing

I have been thinking about applying energy healing on animals for quite some time.  There is a follower to this site who is an animal healer, Karen Anderson. (

There has been only one instance I applied energy healing successfully on a pet dog of my friend (Above pic).  It was about a few years ago when my friend,  who also learned mantra chanting and meditation from me, approached me for assistance.  He wanted me to bless the dog for a smooth transition as it was very sick,  suffering cancer of the jaw and heart problem,  He was advised by the vet that it could not last beyond one month,  and had to be put down.

On the day, I accompanied him to the pet hospital and saw the dog in pathetic condition, looking very sick and with uncontrollable bowel.  I went to the dog,  placed my right palm on its forehead,  chanted a mantra and invoked refined energy.  After that,  the owner decided to fetch the dog home to wait out its demise,   instead of incurring exorbitant hospital charges.

Nevertheless,  the rest of the story was a miracle.  The dog lived on for about three years before it passed away peacefully one day of heart failure.

I am not confident if I could repeat another instance of healing of the animal successfully. I think the positive results came about with a multiple of unknown factors, and with the influence of synchronicity that could not be reproduced at will. However, I am fairly certain that I applied the correct methodology which I have been practicing on energy blessings and healing of humans.

There have been instances when I responded to call for sending healing energy to pets.  My usual practice is to look at the photographs of the pet,  deploy my etheric hand (right projecting palm) on the forehead of the pets and channel the healing light.  At times I would use the mantra of Medicine Buddha.  If there is no photograph of the pet,  I would try to connect maybe by surrogate connection to the owner  I know.  The most important part of the healing is the ability to establish a connection, maintain that connection long enough for me to send the healing energy over the space dimension.  I try  not to  behave as if I  merely  chant or utter some invocation and make believed that I have completed the healing ritual.

By Anthony Leong

Experiment to decode energy of Corona Virus

New postmortem tests reveal COVID-19 began spreading in US in January, mistaken for flu
Corona Virus

I hazard a personal experiment in remote reading of the energy of the corona virus via a picture.

My immediate reaction is that it is understandably dense in vibration. Next, it causes needle-pricking sensation all over my face, an unmistakable sign of presence of negative energy. And, there is a heavy bloating feeling on my stomach – affecting my solar plexus chakra. I have yet to scan any person inflicted with the virus.


That leads me to ponder about the effectiveness of my energisation service – to cleanse a person’s overall energy and to empower him with positive energy.


I had a dream recently depicting me blasting laser beam from my fingers at some minute and powerful negative energy form encased in translucent and luminous bubble with a tadpole like appearance.. I succeeded in destroying it after several attempts using high vibration of the Ketheric energy linked to the Crown Chakra. In the background was some Indian Swami (Sai Baba look alike) who egged me on and applauded my effort to destroy it. I think the lucid dream tells me that the Covid19 could be neutralized with high energy radiation.
I have read up on the use of Ultra Violet (UV) rays to kill these viruses. Its seem that the specific category Ultra Violet C can do the job but it also causes extensive damage to our body.  UV C is only found in small amount in the overall composition of sunlight. The other two less portent UV radiation- UV A and UV B,  are more commonly found in the solar spectrum.  Am pondering over whether I could succeed in accessing this UVC with my thought manifestation, to do healing.


A word of caution – do not try this scanning method if you are not strong in defensive energy protection. At lease, wear a quartz. The eyes are our window and when we use them to scan any energy, they would cause the flow of whatever the source of the energy into your aura. If the energy is negative, it would be difficult to be dislodged, and get stuck in your energy body, awaiting for the timeliness to become serious blockage and cause physical harm to your physical body. If you are not strong in defensive energy, please do not try this experiment as you would get contaminated by the negative energy that is difficult to be removed from your overall aura.


By Anthony Leong

The Healing Energy of Love


download energy love

I refer to a post: The Vibration Of Love Heals Everything – which I featured in this blog through the courtesy of   Cruz Maria Btez.

In my other posts,  I have spoken extensively about the subtle energy fields and their connection to the chakra,  and how we could through methodical meditation training tap and access these subtle energy fields for protection,  cleansing, and healing.

(1) Meditating To Access Our Energy Fields –

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(3) Bija Mantras In Accessing The Chakras And Their Subtle Energy Fields

This vibration of love indicated by Cruz Maria Btez in my own interpretation refers to the Astral subtle energy field that is linked to the all-compassionate Heart Chakra.  She describes it as having the vibration index of 200.  Anything below that score is supposed to be susceptible to negative energy and breeds diseases and sicknesses. That is the reason why most religions emphasize the importance of the Heart Chakra,  the seed of universal love and compassion.

So,  in my understanding,  when you wish to invoke this vibration of love,  you sense out the Astral Energy Field and trace its resonance to the Heart Chakra,  and maintain your attention there.  So,  if you are doing healing,  you could direct this vibration of the Astral Energy Field to your healing hands,  and pull down the column of healing lights.

During my early years of learning meditation,  my Master Mr. Liew who taught me the Om Ah Hum technique also instructed me to “sit on my heart” when meditating.  He meant that I should focus my attention on my Heart Chakra,  approximately located on the sternum of my rib cage.   Another quite similar method is taught by the Pranic Healing School which advocated the “Twin Heart Meditation”.   I suppose by constantly practicing on the Heart Chakra,  we could connect to the associating Astral subtle energy field and tap the vibration of love.

The pink colour is the colour of love and compassion and related to the Heart Chakra.  You could also visualize a dash of pink in your invoking of the Healing energy of the Heart Chakra,  or use pink colour stones like Rose Quartz,  Kunzite or Rhodochrosite to help deploy that energy.   Chanting the mantra Yam (Yang) could also help activate the Heart Chakra to link it the Astral subtle energy field.

For those who could not tap into the astral energy realm that is linked to the Heart Chakra, I recommend one simple method. That involves firstly using your left palm – receiving hand- you place over your sternum representing your Heart Chakra. Give it a thought you are tapping the energy of love emanating from your Heart Chakra. Next, you deploy your right projecting hand to do whatever your healing, and visualise you are drawing the Love energy from your left hand and transfer it to your right hand to facilitate the healing.


By Anthony Leong




The Vibration of love heals everything!

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In The United States, they discovered surprisingly that, what cancer cells most fear is ” love “! the studio discovered that many people are sick for lack of ” love!”

The Doctor. David Hawkins is a well-known doctor in the United States and has treated many patients around the world. He says that seeing the patient already knows the cause of the disease. He said his patients don’t talk about love, they only talk about pain, resentment, frustration, the whole package is trapped in the patient’s body.
The Doctor. Hawkins said, ” many people get sick because they have no love, they only have pain and frustration. People with vibration frequencies below 200 are easy to get sick.” the vibrational frequency is commonly known as the magnetic field.
David Hawkins discovered that people who are sick generally have negative thoughts. Often vibration over 200, people don’t get sick. Generally, your patients have a vibration frequency below 200. What are thoughts that have vibration frequencies below 200? People who like to claim, blame and have hatred of others, a frequency is only about thirty or forty, who constantly accuses others, decreases a large amount of energy, so that vibration frequency is below 200. These people easily acquire many different diseases. The Highest Vibration Index is 1000 and the lowest index is 1. He said that in this world, the greatest vibration frequency he saw was 700, his energy is particularly sufficient when these people appear, can Affect the local magnetic field.

In The Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa appeared in the award. At the time, the whole atmosphere was very good, with a high frequency of vibration, so that the audience felt the energy of the magnetic field, which was full of beauty and moved everyone. When a high energy person appears, his energy makes the magnetic field of all things become beautiful and peaceful, but when a person has a lot of negative thoughts, he doesn’t only hurt himself, but the magnetic field that Around gets bad.
The Doctor. Hawkins said he tested millions of cases and investigated different races around the world. The answer is the same. While Vibration frequency is less than 200, the person is ill. If it’s more than 200, they’ll have no disease. What are the thoughts above 200? I would like to take care of others, compassion, love, good actions, tolerance, etc. These are high vibration frequencies, reaching 400 to 500. Instead, like hate, anger, blame, resentment, jealousy, be demanding with others, selfish things, only consider themselves, with Little consideration for feelings of feelings others, the vibration frequency of these people is low. These low-frequency vibrations also lead to cancer, cause heart disease and other diseases. He told us that thinking, from a medical point of view, is really amazing, the thought has a great influence on people’s health. The power of love.
After the Japanese cellist suffered from cancer, he tried to fight the diseaseut felt worse and worse. He fixed his mind and decided to love all the cancer cells in his body. He considered the intense pain of cancer as an “Awakening service”, with blessings and gratitude. He found it good. Then he decided to love all life, including everyone, everything. After a while, it was unexpected that all cancer cells would have disappeared. Later, he became a known therapist in Japan. That’s the essence of life, ” love “”.


Reference:  Cruz Maria Btez