On Meditation And Insomnia

  Searching through my old files,  I have stumbled upon a response to a query from a member in now-defunct MSN room (4/16/2004) discussing how to meditate effectively and how to overcome insomnia and exam worries. Colour tone of your room -   is it too bright too much yellow or red or orange.  If so,  … Continue reading On Meditation And Insomnia

Energy Healing Modality – My Practice

Introduction In this blog,  I have written extensively on the subject of energy.  I am going to consolidate   in this post all  my knowledge and training on energy  and how I have applied them to  perform energy healing. Energy Scanning Mental Scanning is first carried out to determine the person's overall energy status.  The … Continue reading Energy Healing Modality – My Practice

Novice Guide To Reading Aura

  Introduction: The ability to read aura with Third Eyes has been much discussed among the spiritual communities.  Many believe that one can attain the level of seeing aura with multicolors superimposed on their physical bodies,  just like those that are captured on Kirlian photography.  I shall now summarise my years of experience in reading … Continue reading Novice Guide To Reading Aura

My Poem – Meditate On A Fiery Death

This poem portrays a very powerful visualization meditation.

Psychic Tavern

As you sleep you dream,
A tree so withered you imagine,
Set against the blazing sun,
A desert devoid of living beings.

From the barren ground beneath,
From  the core of earth far deep,
A burning fury rises fast,
Your roots and trunk it engulfs.

You die a fiery death.
The flames from the molten depth.
Reducing everything into ashes.
Until there is nothing left.

This is not yet the ending.
For there is a new beginning.
From above, Heaven sheds tears,
Cream of regeneration it is falling.

The  gentle cascade of heavenly rain
Restores  this land to a luxuriant green,
Bringing   a new life to this earthly plane
Your rebirth begins as  a new sapling

All your previous sins and damnation
From the ashes, you are now redeemed
You grow into  a tall and sturdy tree
Be blessed with a rejuvenated body!

By Anthony Leong

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Some Unusual Chakras

Over the years, I have learned about those unusual chakras (or sub-chakras) other than the Seven major chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Psychic Tavern

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras in our body – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown.  Apart from these 7 commonly known chakras, there are some other unusual chakras, each having specific roles and functions.  These are the unusual chakras which I have personally felt and experienced their unique functions and locations.

(1) About one to two feet above our head/crown chakra, I think one writer call it Soul Star. This is the chakra I use to connect to distant stars to tap their energy and I think the energy is golden in colour, sometimes seen as a bluish ball.   You can also activate this chakra, draw in its energy field and form a golden energy armour to protect yourself. The method is to scan for the chakra, by feeling for it, connect to its specific energy field, and pull it…

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Meditation Using the Buddhist 4 Deportments

I have come across the mention of 4 Deportments in  Buddhist teachings - Shurangama Sutra and tried to relate them to some of my meditation methods in this blog. (1)  Walk Like A Wind -  To walk properly like the wind, you have to balance your shoulders, swing your arms slightly forward and backward synchronizing with your … Continue reading Meditation Using the Buddhist 4 Deportments

The Universe Listens To Your Prayers

I wrote about the mantra Om which I perceive as a continuous hum that emits from the universe.   I have grown to realize that if you still your mind absolutely you could tap into the great universe and discern this continuous omnipotent Om sound –  the song of the Universe.    By practicing chanting the … Continue reading The Universe Listens To Your Prayers

Update – The Etheric Pyramid (Powerful Cleansing Method)

On the cleansing away residual negativity, may I share with you one method taught to me by my very first energy teacher, Mr. Liew (a former diplomat and senior civil servant).    He claimed that on one occasion during his meditation,  a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt visited him and taught him this method.  That is … Continue reading Update – The Etheric Pyramid (Powerful Cleansing Method)

Advanced Techniques in Energy Application

What I am going to discuss energy manifestation is epoch-making.   I have yet to come across any literature that describes this method. This applies to deploying energy to do healing, manifesting or protection, and even remote sensing and projection. When you connect energy to do your bidding, you do not depend on chance or wishy-washy … Continue reading Advanced Techniques in Energy Application

My Style of Practising Psychic Energy

In this article, I am going to provide some insights into my style of practicing psychic energy.  This is to relate it to my consulting services I have been offering to cleanse your negative energy, balance your chakra and recharge you with positive Qi.  The bottom line objective is of course to optimally raise your … Continue reading My Style of Practising Psychic Energy