Stripping away the mysticism behind use of natural crystal and stones

  Every crystal, just like every human, has a different energy frequency. It depends on a few different factors like the size, the composition, and most helpfully, the color.  Their vibrational frequency is measurable by scientific instruments.  In quartz, they give rise to the phenomenon of piezo and pyro electricity which are used in scientific instruments … Continue reading Stripping away the mysticism behind use of natural crystal and stones

Trees And The Metaphysics

During my younger days when I first picked up meditation and Qigong, I read about the Chinese Qigong exponents practicing with trees. They believed that one could enhance their body’s energy system by being in close proximity to trees. It seems pine trees are the favorites as it is believed that they emit the invaluable … Continue reading Trees And The Metaphysics

About Chakra and their corresponding Energy Fields.

Look at the contours interlacing the physical body. They are connected to the chakra. The chakra is like an electric dynamo that churns incessantly and produces an electric magnetic field of differing vibration frequency. So, the base chakra has a lower frequency vibration, and the energy field form by the electric magnetic force is barely … Continue reading About Chakra and their corresponding Energy Fields.

A Review of My Spiritual Practice

I am going to provide a refresh perspective on what I have been practicing. Loosely defined as psychic energy for want of a better word, it has been my life long odyssey to explore and understand the non-physical realms, and painstakingly learn how to gain energy awareness and manage them for multiple uses – such … Continue reading A Review of My Spiritual Practice

Preventing Premature Opening Up of Communication Between the Astral and Physical planes.

I extract a chapter from the Book Etheric Doubles written by A.E.Powell that describes the existence of an Atomic Web that helps preventing premature opening up of communication between the Astral and Physical planes.  This is useful in trying to understand lucid dreaming and astral Out of Body travelling. "THE ATOMIC WEB We have already … Continue reading Preventing Premature Opening Up of Communication Between the Astral and Physical planes.

Animal Healing

I have been thinking about applying energy healing on animals for quite some time.  There is a follower to this site who is an animal healer, Karen Anderson. (   There has been only one instance I applied energy healing successfully on a pet dog of my friend (Above pic).  It was about a few … Continue reading Animal Healing

My Thoughts On Shamanic Methods

  My talk  with my students sparked off my revision on a Shaman linked invocation of the natural elements being initiated to me by my Master Guru, Bernard Lim. He did not teach me directly but merely allowed me to observe how he worked on it during his Puja sessions. But my attainment of all … Continue reading My Thoughts On Shamanic Methods

My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Tektite Stone Elixir w Sanitizing Property Elixirs basically are plain water “charged” with the powerful vibration of quartz and mineral stones to give them the added property of protection and blessings of health, good luck and good fortune.  I started using tektite infused water long ago – by "soaking" the inexpensive meteorite with power vibration … Continue reading My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development

To the Buddhist, compassion is "Mettā (Pali) or maitrī (Sanskrit) meaning benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others". By itself it is an important branch of meditation called: "Metta Meditation" In my life long practice in spirituality, I realize the importance of compassion. It is simplified as the act of giving unconditionally. … Continue reading Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development