Use of natural crystal and stones – the mysticism explained.

  Every crystal, just like every human, has a different energy frequency. It depends on a few different factors like the size, the composition, and most helpfully, the color.  Their vibrational frequency is measurable by scientific instruments.  In quartz, they give rise to the phenomenon of piezo and pyro electricity which are used in scientific instruments … Continue reading Use of natural crystal and stones – the mysticism explained.

Trees And The Metaphysics

During my younger days when I first picked up meditation and Qigong, I read about the Chinese Qigong exponents practicing with trees. They believed that one could enhance their body’s energy system by being in close proximity to trees. It seems pine trees are the favorites as it is believed that they emit the invaluable … Continue reading Trees And The Metaphysics

Stargazing as a Psychic Practice.

Stargazing I became fascinated with gazing at stars after learning that one of our out-of-the-body body chakra is the Stellar Gate. Stellar Gateway (holding the essence of the Soul Star, the Galactic, and the Universal Chakras) is acting as a cosmic conduit, opening up a portal of energy that is a divine link to the … Continue reading Stargazing as a Psychic Practice.

Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient

I practice energy and am  conversant with their vibrational frequencies;  I am consciously aware of its existence around us.   I may be generally classified as a practising  clairsentient -  the ability to sense and feel subtle energy. It is my core belief that the basic life ingredient is composed of  energy from which all life forms … Continue reading Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient

Further Training In Psychic Energy

  My posting on Basic Exercise In Managing Psychic Energy ( has been well received.  Some readers have urged me to write a follow-up article, sort of sequel, on this subject. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I have rearranged the other posts in my blog which could be regarded as a further reading reference to … Continue reading Further Training In Psychic Energy

Chanting Mantra – The Basics

Mantra chanting is often viewed as a closed and privileged religious practice attained by  ordained high monks and  priests.  A friend whom I had taught mantra chanting commented that it was no big deal as everybody could learn the mantra and chant them.   Over the years,  I have practiced as a layperson the technique of … Continue reading Chanting Mantra – The Basics

On Meditation And Insomnia

  Searching through my old files,  I have stumbled upon a response to a query from a member in now-defunct MSN room (4/16/2004) discussing how to meditate effectively and how to overcome insomnia and exam worries. Colour tone of your room -   is it too bright too much yellow or red or orange.  If so,  … Continue reading On Meditation And Insomnia

My Style of Practising Psychic Energy

In this article, I am going to provide some insights into my style of practicing psychic energy.  This is to relate it to my consulting services I have been offering to cleanse your negative energy, balance your chakra and recharge you with positive Qi.  The bottom line objective is of course to optimally raise your … Continue reading My Style of Practising Psychic Energy

Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra

Psychic Tavern

Our skin,  which some considered as the largest organ  in our body,  can be counted as an unusual minor chakra as a group.  The ancient Chinese Qigong text described it as 84000 pores    through which one could inhale and exhale energy.  There is one Taoist Meditation method which uses visualization of the Three Sacred Fire ( 三昧真火)  that we are to draw into our body through the 84000 pores(八萬四千毛竅),  and build a cauldron of flame in our  DanTian (丹田) Hara sub-chakra (Sacral Chakra).    Yes,  I have been meditating with my skin sub-chakra,  willing the pores to open and close and expelling and inhaling  energy.   This is also known as “Womb Breathing” (胎息)emulating the breathing of baby in the mother’s womb .    In doing this,  I minimize my natural breathing in and out through my mouth/nose.   I regularly practice this skin breathing meditation just before I…

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Sequel To My Post “Unusual Chakra – Part II”

I did not draw much references from classical texts on Chakra, be it Hindu or Western literature when I wrote about these Unusual Chakra. ( They are based on my own hands-on experience and observation which I have garnered over years of meditation practice. You have to personally connect with your own chakra system, and at a … Continue reading Sequel To My Post “Unusual Chakra – Part II”