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Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective

I  believe that one can heighten their sensory abilities not only through keeping themselves physically fit but also through regular meditation, and Qigong practice. Meditation,  practiced consistently,  helps us to still our mind,  concentrate better and improve our overall awareness.  It will definitely enhance… Continue Reading “Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective”

Beer – My First Love

Foreword I have been thinking hard about whether to include this post about my lifelong beer escapade in this Psychic Tavern blog.  I have finally relented,  thinking that my readers should be given a chance to understand me better,  especially my rather unsavory past… Continue Reading “Beer – My First Love”

Exercising Your Dan Tian To Improve Your Singing

 Sometime ago,  I chanced upon a singing instructor who taught me how to use my Hara sub-chakra to improve my singing.   The sub-chakra,  which is called DianTien in the Chinese acupuncture system,  is located about two fingers below our navel.  (It is also… Continue Reading “Exercising Your Dan Tian To Improve Your Singing”

Benefits of Playing Computer Games

I totally agree that there is more to playing games than meets the eye. Personally,  I feel that for psychic practitioners who work with defensive and offensive energy magic,  computer RPG games can be one unconventional form of training for us to role-play about… Continue Reading “Benefits of Playing Computer Games”