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Bija mantras are one-syllable seed sounds that, when said aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify & balance the mind & body.  I have discovered that it could be used to synchronize these seed mantras of the chakras and manipulate… Continue Reading “BIJA MANTRA TO ACTIVATE CHAKRAS”

Novice Guide To Reading Aura

Introduction: The ability to read aura with Third Eyes has been much discussed among the spiritual communities.  Many believe that one can attain the level of seeing aura with multicolors superimposed on their physical bodies,  just like those that are captured on Kirlian photography. … Continue Reading “Novice Guide To Reading Aura”

Random Thoughts On Meditation

Conventional meditation advocates the stilling of the mind by focusing on a single thought to displace the multiple mental distractions.  The use of foci includes breathing control, chanting a mantra, or counting of beads in a rosary.  It is the use of a single… Continue Reading “Random Thoughts On Meditation”

Love The Darkness

We are being told to be happy, raise your vibration, look to the light, but none of this will be lasting until you have loved the dark. In meditation you close your eyes, turn inwards to look at the mind’s eye and seek comfort… Continue Reading “Love The Darkness”

The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit

The Benefits of Meditation Revisit. Stilling the mind (静)is a process, Concentration and Single-mindedness are transitional objectives, and Awareness is the final attainment. In the process, we gain ancillary benefits of mental alertness, mental stamina and mental agility, critical judgement, and slow down the… Continue Reading “The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit”

Thinking aloud On Mantra.

Thinking aloud On Mantra. Using my own example of giving blessings. I chant a lot of Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist mantras – some with broad significance in protection, health and prosperity. Fo example: Om Mani Padme Hum more for protection, Medicine Buddha mantra for… Continue Reading “Thinking aloud On Mantra.”

About Chakra and their corresponding Energy Fields.

Look at the contours interlacing the physical body. They are connected to the chakra. The chakra is like an electric dynamo that churns incessantly and produces an electric magnetic field of differing vibration frequency. So, the base chakra has a lower frequency vibration, and… Continue Reading “About Chakra and their corresponding Energy Fields.”

A Review of My Spiritual Practice

I am going to provide a refresh perspective on what I have been practicing. Loosely defined as psychic energy for want of a better word, it has been my life long odyssey to explore and understand the non-physical realms, and painstakingly learn how to… Continue Reading “A Review of My Spiritual Practice”

Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

When I was running a Crystal Shop two years ago,  people from different background used to come to me for advice on the use of natural stones and meditation.  One elderly lady who told me she came from a rather “orthodox” church confided in… Continue Reading “Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach”

Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient

I practice energy and am  conversant with their vibrational frequencies;  I am consciously aware of its existence around us.   I may be generally classified as a practising  clairsentient –  the ability to sense and feel subtle energy. It is my core belief that the basic… Continue Reading “Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient”