Take A Break From Booze. (Guest Contribution -Lila T Hines,Lila T Hines

I have the unsavory indulgence in boozing throughout my life,  and it does retard my spiritual growth.  There is no need to resort to total abstinence though,  as I feel moderation is the key word to minimize its negative effect.   https://healthywithhines.com/blogs/take-a-break-from-booze

My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Tektite Stone Elixir w Sanitizing Property Elixirs basically are plain water “charged” with the powerful vibration of quartz and mineral stones to give them the added property of protection and blessings of health, good luck and good fortune.  I started using tektite infused water long ago – by "soaking" the inexpensive meteorite with power vibration … Continue reading My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

When I was running a Crystal Shop two years ago,  people from different background used to come to me for advice on the use of natural stones and meditation.  One elderly lady who told me she came from a rather “orthodox” church confided in me her personal problems with her family and claimed she was … Continue reading Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.

  For a long time,  I fought shy of describing myself as an Empath,  because I felt that it had negative connotation,  often tagging those highly-strung people who could not come to term with their personal emotional problems. I just left an Empath FB Group with a large following because over time I find it … Continue reading Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.

Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective

I  believe that one can heighten their sensory abilities not only through keeping themselves physically fit but also through regular meditation, and Qigong practice. Meditation,  practiced consistently,  helps us to still our mind,  concentrate better and improve our overall awareness.  It will definitely enhance our sensory abilities in sight, smell, and taste. Being involved hands-on … Continue reading Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective

Beer – My First Love

Foreword I have been thinking hard about whether to include this post about my lifelong beer escapade in this Psychic Tavern blog.  I have finally relented,  thinking that my readers should be given a chance to understand me better,  especially my rather unsavory past in loving the booze.   To recall,  there were some occasions when … Continue reading Beer – My First Love

Children Ghostly Encounters

I have been approached by parents on the suspected encounter of their kids with the out-of-the-world entities or spirits. I used to tell them that their children were special, and they would cease having these visitations as they grew older. I append below  real-life stories  related to those psychic encounters by children : - (1) … Continue reading Children Ghostly Encounters

Suspected Elements Of Black Magic In An Adultery Case

There was one instance with supernatural elements interwoven into an adultery case. A lady client once approached me to help to investigate her husband for having affairs. She claimed her husband had all along been faithful and well behaved until she found out she was going out with another woman. There was also a drastic … Continue reading Suspected Elements Of Black Magic In An Adultery Case

Statistics 2017 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern

For the year 2017 a total of  6075 visitors from 94 countries  accessed this blog.   The largest number 3154  came from the United States with our local Singaporean  readership in second position with 885 visitors and the United Kingdom in 3rd position numbering 410.  Reading from the statistics,  it would appear that the  psychic … Continue reading Statistics 2017 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern

How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace

There are some social media websites that are trying to position themselves as Alternative News Media, supposedly to complement the Mainstream News Media.   However, having visited some of them,  I am terribly disappointed with the standard of news reporting,  in particular, their deplorable lack of integrity and objectivity in their operation of these online … Continue reading How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace