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Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.

  For a long time,  I fought shy of describing myself as an Empath,  because I felt that it had negative connotation,  often tagging those highly-strung people who could not come to term with their personal emotional problems. I just left an Empath FB… Continue Reading “Empath – A much misunderstood personality type.”

Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective

I  believe that one can heighten their sensory abilities not only through keeping themselves physically fit but also through regular meditation, and Qigong practice. Meditation,  practiced consistently,  helps us to still our mind,  concentrate better and improve our overall awareness.  It will definitely enhance… Continue Reading “Food Critics – A Spiritual Perspective”

Identifying a Bogus Spiritual Master

I am thankful that I have been bestowed with the good fortune and gifted with the ability to connect – in reading and deciphering the energy dimension. This skill set has originated from my understanding and training of the ability to decode the subtle… Continue Reading “Identifying a Bogus Spiritual Master”

Beer – My First Love

Foreword I have been thinking hard about whether to include this post about my lifelong beer escapade in this Psychic Tavern blog.  I have finally relented,  thinking that my readers should be given a chance to understand me better,  especially my rather unsavory past… Continue Reading “Beer – My First Love”

Statistics 2017 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern

For the year 2017 a total of  6075 visitors from 94 countries  accessed this blog.   The largest number 3154  came from the United States with our local Singaporean  readership in second position with 885 visitors and the United Kingdom in 3rd position numbering… Continue Reading “Statistics 2017 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern”

Statistics 2016 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern

·        United States 1354 ·        Singapore 1242 ·        United Kingdom 164 ·        Canada 136 ·        India 112 ·        Malaysia 99 ·        Australia 92 ·        Netherlands 58 ·        Germany 31 ·        Philippines 31 ·        Thailand 30 ·        Hong Kong SAR China 27 ·        New Zealand… Continue Reading “Statistics 2016 – Visitors To Psychic Tavern”

Responding to article on Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body

I was in Finland and Norway recently and felt that both countries resonate with my Brow or Third Eye Chakra.  My conjecture is the Scandinavian people are likely to highly intuitive and creative.   In China, I had the same sensing that the place… Continue Reading “Responding to article on Locations Of Earth’s 7 Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body”

How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace

There are some social media websites that are trying to position themselves as Alternative News Media, supposedly to complement the Mainstream News Media.   However, having visited some of them,  I am terribly disappointed with the standard of news reporting,  in particular, their deplorable… Continue Reading “How Some Social Media Are Spreading Negativities Over The Cyberspace”

Some of Visitors To Blog Psychic Tavern In 2015 By Countries

  Singapore 1047  United States 485 United Kingdom 79 Canada 74 Japan 73 Australia 67 Malaysia 56 Italy 49 India 29 Indonesia 23 Hong Kong SAR China 19 Philippines 18 New Zealand 9 Ireland 9 Taiwan 6 France 6 Russia 6 Brazil 6 European… Continue Reading “Some of Visitors To Blog Psychic Tavern In 2015 By Countries”

Spreading Negative Energy Over Cyber Space

Shi Gandang : 石敢当; Protect ordinary people from evil spirits. I have always been amused  watching a Chinese opera depicting a general leading his troop into battle.  The actor general would have three or four “pǎolóngtào” (跑龙套)   soldiers tailing behind him; and they would… Continue Reading “Spreading Negative Energy Over Cyber Space”