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Discuss Energy Healing, the methods and applications.

Lessons Learnt From Watching Police Ghost Movies

Recently, I watched a Hong Kong movie that depicts a police detective who could see ghosts and solve crime cases with this metaphysical ability.  What has actually portrayed in the movie is that the main character is able to see those spirits in other… Continue Reading “Lessons Learnt From Watching Police Ghost Movies”

Love Your House

My FaceBook friend Tammy S South-Price writes: – Our homes not only reflect our own energies but those of the former inhabitants. I’ve been aware of this for many years, but more keenly so after a September 2011 house fire. I picked up the sadness… Continue Reading “Love Your House”


 Leave a Comment Just as human beings have chakras, the countries and their landmass also exhibit energy vibration that resonates with human chakras. I normally try to scan the foreign locations during my flight while the plane hovers over the landscape below. I also… Continue Reading “LOCATIONS OF EARTH’S 7 CHAKRA POINTS: OUR PLANETS ENERGETIC BODY”

Novice Guide To Reading Aura

Introduction: The ability to read aura with Third Eyes has been much discussed among the spiritual communities.  Many believe that one can attain the level of seeing aura with multicolors superimposed on their physical bodies,  just like those that are captured on Kirlian photography. … Continue Reading “Novice Guide To Reading Aura”

White Cloud Healing Method

WHITE CLOUD HEALING METHOD There is indeed a visualization method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the… Continue Reading “White Cloud Healing Method”

Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest

There have been instances where I muster the power of my thoughts to perform manifestation. The objects of the thoughts need not be of a grander scale. The examples I am citing below may appear trivial and insignificant but their eventual materialization is no… Continue Reading “Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest”

Untapped Potential of Our Brain

Some medical science research extrapolate on the untapped potential of our brain. It is said that human beings normally use 10% of our brain, leaving the major 90% unexplored. However, there are many other researchers that dispute this hypothesis but beyond asserting that 100… Continue Reading “Untapped Potential of Our Brain”

Different Level Of Consciousness

Magic And Science

Throughout ancient civilizations, men dreamed of the magic of flying, listening to faraway sound and viewing faraway sights. Today, science makes them real – airplanes, rockets, radio, television and the internet . It is the same like our thoughts that I believe hold the… Continue Reading “Magic And Science”

Further Note On Practice of Shamanism

Just a few days ago, a former boss who regularly seeks my assistance in cleansing his houses spoke to me about the Shaman method. He read my blog article on Shamanic Practice in Modern Days. I explained to him two important features in my… Continue Reading “Further Note On Practice of Shamanism”