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My home-made Tektite magic Wand

                                My homemade magic wand comprising a Herkimer double termination quartz, at the tip, a copper rod and a raw piece of tektite at the base. The Herkimer trouble… Continue Reading “My home-made Tektite magic Wand”

Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone

TEKTITE Tektites (from Greek τηκτός tēktós, “molten”) are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. They also commonly found in China, Indochina, India and even Australia. The stones emit highly overpowering energy vibration more than sufficient to ward off… Continue Reading “Tektite – The inexpensive meteorite stone”

My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones

        Moldavite raw and ring. Among the  meteorite stones I have been using, I find Moldavite suit me best .  It is fast reacting,  overpowering in vibration frequency,  and giving off an internal body heat.  I consider it as an internal… Continue Reading “My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones”

Sourcing of Quartz and Stones

I normally shy away from recommending vendors, but cannot resist highlighting this on-line rock seller. Inner Vision Crystals. They reminded me of another entity: Heaven & Earth, from which I sourced for my Moldavite pieces many years ago. And, the stone which they advertise… Continue Reading “Sourcing of Quartz and Stones”

Use of natural crystal and stones – the mysticism explained.

  Every crystal, just like every human, has a different energy frequency. It depends on a few different factors like the size, the composition, and most helpfully, the color.  Their vibrational frequency is measurable by scientific instruments.  In quartz, they give rise to the phenomenon… Continue Reading “Use of natural crystal and stones – the mysticism explained.”

Stones To aid Creativity

  Our sacral chakra is described as a center of reproduction and creativity as well as movement and emotion. … Your creative energy flows freely and abundantly and your sexual appetite is healthy.  Stones that help enhance your creativity include Carnelian, and orange jasper.   There are two… Continue Reading “Stones To aid Creativity”

How to wear your stones

    Introduction If we are convinced that quartz and mineral stones bring about health, protective and luck benefits, it is useful  to know that there are many ways of wearing them as accessory. Pendants, necklaces, chains: Most common to wear is to have… Continue Reading “How to wear your stones”


  Black Stones for Protection Against Negative                 In stone lore, most protective stones are black in color.  Black brings to our mind that it is of denser vibration frequency, and aligns with the base chakra.  But,… Continue Reading “BLACK STONES FOR PROTECTION AGAINST NEGATIVITY”

Pocket-size ghost buster and healer kit

My pocket size ghost buster and healer kit.Right side of the box comprises my offensive meteorite collection – 1) moldavite gall bladder shape and a museum quality flower specie 2) two gall bladder shape tektites, (3) Libyan glass raw piece and 4) an iron… Continue Reading “Pocket-size ghost buster and healer kit”

My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Elixirs basically are plain water “charged” with the powerful vibration of quartz and mineral stones to give them the added property of protection and blessings of health, good luck and good fortune.  I started using tektite infused water long ago – by “soaking” the… Continue Reading “My Experience with Stone Elixirs”