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On Spirituality With or Without the Guidance of Religions.

I am always fond of reminding myself of the energy dimensions. In a nutshell, Buddha tried to teach awareness so that we could be aware that physical life is transient, and we need to train ourselves to be conscious of the energy dimensions, beyond… Continue Reading “On Spirituality With or Without the Guidance of Religions.”

My Thoughts On Religions

I hold an opinion that religions are divine vehicles – means to an end – to lessen your load of “Karmic” sinful debts with their arrays of doctrines – so that you can lead the right path in life and ascend to the realm… Continue Reading “My Thoughts On Religions”

My thoughts On praying To Religious Statues.

The reverence we dutifully accorded to those divine beings is one natural method for us to train ourselves to connect with the divine vibrations they symbolize. The statues are mere medium through which we connect, and over time you pick up the nuances of… Continue Reading “My thoughts On praying To Religious Statues.”

My Further Thoughts On Spirituality.

  We have differing views on spirituality, but to me there are simplified with two key words – Awareness and Application. Once you are on the spiritual path, you are training yourself to go beyond your physical and material world, and become acquainted with… Continue Reading “My Further Thoughts On Spirituality.”

Understanding The Statues Of Buddha.

A statue of Buddha is just a piece of inanimate object. What turns it into a sacred symbol to be revered by a multitude of devotees? First and foremost, the statue is not Buddha but it is supposed to be a symbolic representation of… Continue Reading “Understanding The Statues Of Buddha.”

High Spiritual Entities

Call them by any name, they are the divine spirits that populate the high energy realm. In China, we have multiple equivalents, the likes of Prince Nezha (哪吒), Quan Yu, the God of war, their Thunder God (Thor?) and even their Jade King and… Continue Reading “High Spiritual Entities”

Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development

To the Buddhist, compassion is “Mettā (Pali) or maitrī (Sanskrit) meaning benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others”. By itself it is an important branch of meditation called: “Metta Meditation” In my life long practice in spirituality, I realize the importance… Continue Reading “Compassion – catalyst to spiritual development”

Ancient Temple Long Hua Temple in Shanghai

       Recently I visited the Long Hua Temple in Shanghai.  Though the energy within the Long Hua Temple is appealingly alluring to me, I sense an intersperse of sadness in the air. It is a notch below the ideal divine energy in… Continue Reading “Ancient Temple Long Hua Temple in Shanghai”

Meditation Using the Buddhist 4 Deportments

I have come across the mention of 4 Deportments in  Buddhist teachings – Shurangama Sutra and tried to relate them to some of my meditation methods in this blog. (1)  Walk Like A Wind –  To walk properly like the wind, you have to balance… Continue Reading “Meditation Using the Buddhist 4 Deportments”

The Universe Listens To Your Prayers

I wrote about the mantra Om which I perceive as a continuous hum that emits from the universe.   I have grown to realize that if you still your mind absolutely you could tap into the great universe and discern this continuous omnipotent Om sound… Continue Reading “The Universe Listens To Your Prayers”