My Services

One-stop spiritual energy services – blessing, consecrating, cleansing, healing, cosmic energy, qi-gong related courses, and wholesale and retailing of stones and crystals.

Cleansing And Blessing of Individuals

Perform energy consulting services on individuals face to face or through remote channeling.  The services would enhance the energy level of the clients and prepare them to  receive windfalls,  improve overall health condition,  and strengthen their protection against negative entities. 

Cleansing And Blessing of Houses And Offices

 Conduct cleansing and cleansing of clients ‘  premises and locations –  on site and including remote basis.

Meditation And Psychic Energy Courses.

And I also conduct courses both on site and on line to teach meditation,  energy healing and usage of quartz and stones.


If you are keen in any of the consulting services or  training courses or need my advice on any psychic related issues,  please email me at psychictaver@gmail@com.


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