Lucid Dreaming – Nan Hai Guan Yin

GuanYin Hainan 
In 2008,  there was one night I dreamed of a tall statue of Quan Yin,  the Goddess of Mercy,  and next to her was a long billboard with the numbers 0000000000007600 flashing in red LED lightings. 
After the dream,  I was offered to go on a trip to Hainan Island in Southern China,  and initially, I was reluctant to travel.   A few days later,  as I was chatting with the person Charles, who had tried to persuade me to make the trip with him,  and another common friend Raymond over a coffee, I casually mentioned to them about my dream of Quan Yin. And,  I did it more for the number revealed as we use to place bets on 4 Digits lottery draws.   It was in that instance that  Charles pulled out the itinerary of the impending Hainan Island trip and pointed out to me that the tour included a visit to one of the tallest statue of Quan Yin in the region.  And,  I was surprised that it was the same Quan Yin statue that I saw in my dream.   It is popularly known as the Quan Yin of the Southern Seas.  (Nan Hai Quan Yin).  That bespeaks so much of synchronicity.  
Now,  I am back with some photographs of the 108 m tall Quan Yin statue,  the world No. 1.  However,  I have not won any 4 D as yet,  and the number —–0007600 did not show up anyway on that trip.    
By Anthony Leong

anthony leong

A self-evolved psychic, I have been practicing Psychic Energy Work and Meditation for over 40 years. Developed a unique personal style integrating methods of multiple systems – 1. Buddhist Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Mantra, 2. Taoist Qigong Practice, 3. Hindu Chakra System and 4. Western Theosophical knowledge on Human Energy and Universe Energy Fields, 5. Metaphysical application of stones and crystals. (Email:

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