Exchange on Psychic Tavern Blog between Deborah Allin and Anthony On suspected possession by demons.

Exchange on Psychic Tavern Blog  between Deborah Allin and Anthony On suspected  possession by demons.

  1. Question from Deborah:  Do you think those with trauma can be possessed by lower entities? I just am dealing with someone at the moment who seems hell bent on unforgiveness and he speaks of demons. I often just think they are protective (and often destructive) thought forms but am interested in your opinion as a psychic.
  • Anthony’s Reponse:  From what I have gathered, I hazard a surrogate reading on your friend’s energy.  My take is he is not “possessed” by any negative entity as yet.  He appears to be suffocated from a heavy abdominal block.  Unless, I can have a pic of him, this is as much as I can gathered.  My point is that when a person is suspected to be overcome by negative entity, it can either be a “walk in” possession, or it could be owing to his long drawn negative attributes that over time breeds the negative foreign body in him.  You may refer to my other post on  After all,  it could well be a case of psychiatric problem. 
  • Deborah’s Comment:  Thank you Anthony I would agree…A very skilled professional believes the same. He talks of ‘demons’ but I believe these are emotions that he has not properly been able to come to terms with as he suffered a lot of extreme abuse. Thank you for your opinion.  It makes sense.  

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