Exercising Discretion In Energy Healing

When I started out to learn energy healing,  I remember I was so eager beaver to try and help whoever I came across as having health problems.  I encountered disappointment in failed attempts,  I became depleted of energy and I suffered ridicule by my friends and relatives accusing me of living in make-believe dream world.
Now,  even though we are supposedly channeling healing light from the Source,  we would still lose some of our own energy in the process of doing the healing;   nothing is for free as whatever you take you to have to give back,   in proportions.  And there is the ever presence of the risk of getting our own energy body contaminated by the diseased energy of the persons receiving the healing…
These days,  I am more discerning in deciding who I should help in energy healing.   I only perform healing when I am explicitly asked to do so,  besides those loved one or close members of my own family that I would not hesitate to try help with the healing act.   I have learned to realize that our energy is never infinite,  and we need to use them judiciously on those people who really deserve to be helped.  Also,  there is supposedly the karmic responsibility both on my self and the person that is supposed to be healed.  Some,  I believe, have to suffer and live with whatever sicknesses confronting them, more as a result of some karmic consequence,  and it is beyond me to ever even try to help them.  My Master told me that once he scanned a man who went to him for help in healing,  and he saw three demonic heads lodged in the person’s heart chakra;   he concluded that the person was a high priest in his previous incarnation and had to suffer this life because of some evil deeds that he had committed in his past life.   My Master refused to lend him his healing hand.
And,  when we have so decided to do the healing,  we must always be prepared for the consequence that for some reason our healing does not work so well and that the patients or his friends and relatives might put the blame on us for our supposed failure.  It is in the spirit that  I should not be  “Casting pearls before swine ” that i have been warning myself to accept whatever disappointments and pains arising from my healing and teaching.
Not everyone whom you have helped to heal or taught whatever the healing methods is always appreciative or would reciprocate your kind gestures;   even though most of the time the healing and the teaching are dispensed free without any strings attached.

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A self-evolved psychic, I have been practicing Psychic Energy Work and Meditation for over 40 years. Developed a unique personal style integrating methods of multiple systems – 1. Buddhist Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Mantra, 2. Taoist Qigong Practice, 3. Hindu Chakra System and 4. Western Theosophical knowledge on Human Energy and Universe Energy Fields, 5. Metaphysical application of stones and crystals. (Email: psychictavern@gmail.com)

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