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Are You a Lucid Dreamer?
Flying In Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a testimonial of your gradual spiritual awakening. Most people acquire the lucid dreaming ability after they practice spiritual pursuits like Meditation, or even prayers in devotion to their religions. Some are born with this innate gift, while some may suddenly acquire it through some life events that impact on them, like near death experience or serious illnesses or other traumas.

There are some characteristics of lucid dreaming which I have personally experienced, and not a collation of other people’s research or write-up.

  1. In lucid dreaming, you are actually aware you are dreaming.
  2. You are able to continue the sequel even after you have awaken and go back to sleep.
  3. Most of the time you are able to recall your dreams.
  4. In your dreams you see colors and hear sounds.
  5. Since you are aware you are dreaming, you can turn off the dream when you encounter life threatening instances, or other life crisis. You just have to will yourself to be awakened,  as if there is a reset button. Perhaps, this dream of death could prepare us to face our demise in real life with less fear.
  6. Some experiences often occur in our dreams – in my case it is the ability to levitate and fly.
  7. The lucid dreaming sometimes reflect some recent instances when you watch a drama or read a book. And, you may assume their characterization.
  8. Lucid dreaming does not reflect the moral values you hold in your awaken life. You may commit some moral excesses in your lucid dreaming, against your will.
  9. Lucid Dreaming can at times provide key to unravel some of your answers you need in your actual life. Sometimes they come in symbols, and you have to learn to decode them to find meaningful interpretation.
  10. I ever mentioned in my earlier posts that lucid dreaming can be a virtual training ground to hone some of you skills – such as performing exorcism when you have to fight with demons, ghosts and spirits.
  11. Unlike most medical opinion, most lucid dreaming would not wear you out and make you feel drain out when you are awake. I remain as fresh as ever after bouts of lucid dreaming during my sleep.

I believe I have reached a level where I can go into lucid dream state even when I am fully awake. And, every night I actually enjoy my sleep looking forward to another episode of the virtual dreamscape.

Lucid dreaming conform to my theory that we are living in multi dimension world – the physical and material realm versus other energy vibration states. And in lucid dreaming we might be making escapades into the astral energy realm. It is a form of astral or out of body travelling.


Anthony Leong

anthony leong

A self-evolved psychic, I have been practicing Psychic Energy Work and Meditation for over 40 years. Developed a unique personal style integrating methods of multiple systems – 1. Buddhist Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Mantra, 2. Taoist Qigong Practice, 3. Hindu Chakra System and 4. Western Theosophical knowledge on Human Energy and Universe Energy Fields, 5. Metaphysical application of stones and crystals. (Email:

2 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming – Further notes

  • November 7, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Lucid dreaming has been studied and reported for many years. Prominent figures from ancient to modern times have been fascinated by lucid dreams and have sought ways to better understand their causes and purpose. Many different theories have emerged as a result of scientific research on the subject and have even been shown in pop culture. Further developments in psychological research have pointed to ways in which this form of dreaming may be utilized as a form of sleep therapy. There are two means of initiating a lucid dream.

    • November 8, 2020 at 9:00 am

      Thanks for responding to my post on Lucid Dreaming. In particular, I am interested to know more about the sleep therapy aspect you mentioned. I am aware of my limitation in psychological interpretation of Lucid Dreaming, and I base my write-up on personal experience and my long standing spiritual practice.


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